What The Pros Are Rockin’ Nick Hamilton 16.1

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Nick Hamilton
Occupation: TransWorld SNOWboarding photo editor, photographer.
Age: 24
Origin: U.K. and Finland-50-50.
Lives: Out of my bags-Southern California at the moment.
Years shooting: Ten.
Years snowboarding: Eleven.
Photo education: Trial and error.
System: Canon
Format: Thirty-five millimeter action, six-by-seven lifestyle, and accessible action.
Body: Canon 1N, Pentax 67. I definitely need some new kit.
Lenses: Everything from fifteen-millimeter fisheye to tele 300-50 millimeter is my fav.
Lighting: All kinds, from Lymedyne left hand in photo to Visatec right hand.
Bag of film: Provia 100f and Kodak E100VS-both color slide film-and Scalla 200 black and white.
Camera bag: Tamrac AW backpack.
Weight fully packed: Way too much.
Other essential gear: Canon D30 digi body for digi-roids, sandwiches, M&Ms, and water.
Favorite subjects: Jussi Oksanen and Danny Wheeler.