What the Pros are Rockin’- Neil Provo

What The Kids Are Rockin’

Name: Neil Provo

Age: 15

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 100 pounds

Home: Park City, Utah

Roots: New Hartford, Connecticut

Sponsors: Sims, Technine, Analog, Blindside, DVS Shoes,

Iris, Defcon

Stance: Regular, twenty inches wide and centered, with eighteen degrees on the front foot and negative-thirteen on the back.

Board: Sims Kinetic 148--it’s got a perfect flex and edge for a smooth ride.

Boots: Old ThirtyTwos--not too stiff, not too soft.

Bindings: Technine Nicolas Droz

Worst trend: Bugz goggles.

Quote: “Riding keeps me alive.”



What’s in Neil’s photo:

Board: Sims Kinetic Series 148 ($429)

Boots: ThirtyTwo TM-Two ($270)

Bindings: Technine Nicolas Droz ($172)

Jacket: DVS Windsor Windbreaker ($32)

Pants: Analog Denim (N/A)

Gloves: Defcon Protocol ($50)

Goggles: Iris Chris Dufficy Type R Signature ($95)