What The Pros Are Rockin’ – Lukas Huffman

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: Lukas Huffman
Age: 23
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 150 pounds
Home: “I live in Vancouver, B.C., and I rent a little cabin up in Whistler during the long cold winter months.”
Roots: Montpelier, Vermont
Sponsors: Nitro, Northwave, Drake, Anon., 55dsl, Bakoda, Podium Distribution
Stance: Regular, between 21 and 22 inches wide, with 21 degrees of angle on the front foot and negative-nine on the back. I move my stance a little bit back from center.
Board: I ride the Nitro Suprateam 159 for freeriding, and the Suprateam 155 on rails and in the park.
Consumption: One or two a season.
Lube: I wax whenever my base starts to get furry.
Boots: APX Kevin Jones. I like a stiff bladder and a soft shell.
Bindings: Drake Mikey LeBlanc model-it’s perfect right out of the box.
Superstitions: I don’t put stickers on the nose of my board, it weirds me out. When I’m riding, I don’t like standing around on the top of a jump or a cliff-hesitation is devastation. If I do have to stand around, I strap my front foot in, but I never hang out with two feet strapped in.
Riding style: Haphazardly eloquent.

Boot: APX Kevin Jones
Board: Nitro Suprateam 159
Binding: Drake Mikey LeBlanc
Jacket: 55dsl Sweetness jacket
Pant: 55dsl Semi-sweetness pant
Goggle: Anon. Figment
Gloves: Bakoda Pipe Edition