What The Pros Are Rockin’ – JP Walker

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: JP Walker
Age: 25
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 140 pounds
Home: Anywhere the snow’s good.
Roots: Salt Lake City, Utah
Sponsors: Forum, Special Blend, Oakley, Nixon, Circa,
Bakoda, Premier SnowSkates, Zoo York, MiloSport
Stance: Regular, 21.75 inches wide and set back five-eighths of an inch, with positive-eighteen degrees on the front foot, and negative-fifteen on the back.
Board: Forum JP Walker 154 for all types of terrain: halfpipe, park, and powder. Forum JP Walker 147 for handrail sessions.
Consumption: Fourteen handrail boards and seven full-size boards per season.
Lube: Never, I just mount up a new deck.
Edges: I never even touch my 154s-I take them straight out of the package to the snow. I go to work on my 147s-first with an angle grinder, then with a heavy-duty file until the edges are completely rounded from tip to tail.
Boots: Forum JP Walker. I’m strictly about comfort. Being able to spend all day in the cold and stay comfortable is more important than a super-stiff ski boot. I used to drive over too-stiff boots in Jeremy Jones’ truck.
Bindings: Forum ATA with zero forward lean.
Style: Hopefully a little like Jeremy Jones’, Devun Walsh’s, and Brian Thien’s.
Quote: “Buy whatever gets you stoked-if you’re stoked you’ll ride better.”

Boot: Forum JP Walker
Board: Forum JP Walker Pro Model 154
Binding: Forum ATA Limited
Jacket: Special Blend Zenith
Pant: Special Blend Eclipse Shadow
Goggle: Oakley A frame
Gloves: Special Blend Adapt
Watch: Nixon Player
Beanie: Special Blend Initial