What The Pros Are Rockin’ J2 16.2

What The Pros Are Rockin’
Name: Jason “J2” Rasmus

Age: Ha! I don’t answer that question now that I found out your sponsors will dump you if you’re too old.

Sponsors: Gnu, Rip Curl, TechNine, Northwave, Grenade

Years snowboarding: 11

Home: All over.

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 180 lbs.-damn, that’s a lot.

Stance: Goofy or regular-it don’t matter. Fifteen degrees on the front and negative-three on the back, and 21 or 22 inches wide.
Forward lean: Lots.
Board: High Carbon 156 cm all the time-but the 148 for fire-hydrant ollies.
Boots: Black Northwave Resets, size 27.
Bindings: TechNine Teams. We’ll be working on some new cheap shit for next year.
Personal settings: My liners are from a set of ’91 Burton Freestyles. I used to have those heat-moldable ones for, like, six years. They were perfect and smelled like flowers-for real, they didn’t stink-until I was in Hood for a week … trash. T9 binders are fine right out of the box, just add some sizza-lean.

Tuning techniques: My regular setup is just detuned a little at the edge contact, but my rail board-that’s when we pull out the power tools and start hackin’.

Favorite rail spots: The whole East Coast.
Photo: AndyWrightphoto.com