What The Pros Are Rockin’: Heikki Sorsa and Tyler Lepore

Name: Heikki Sorsa

Age: 21

Sponsors: Burton, Oakley, Hurley, Gravis

Years snowboarding: Nine

Home: Helsinki, Finland

Height: 5' 9″

Weight: 143 lbs.

Stance: Regular, eighteen degrees on the front foot and negative-three in back. Oh, and a big stance width.

Forward lean: I don't know, enough–what the Burton bindings come with.

Board: Burton Jussi 159 ($470) and UnInc. 156 and 158 ($500).

Boots: Size nine Burton Hails in black ($200).

Bindings: Burton P1 MDs ($260) in black, obviously–black's the way to go.

Personal settings: Not really–just a lot of stickers

Tuning techniques: Taking it out of the plastic the way it comes from Burton–that's perfect.

Photo: Nick Hamilton

Name: Tyler Lepore

Age: 23

Sponsors: CAPiTA, Oakley, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, DaKine, Alive

Athletics, Life Time

Years Snowboarding: Twelve

Home: Whistler, B.C.

Height: 5' 7″

Weight: 145 lbs.

Stance: Regular, 21.5 inches wide, with fifteen degrees angle on the front foot and five on the back.

Forward lean: None.

Board: I ride the CAPiTA 157 Totally Awesome for park and pipe and the 161 Totally Awesome for pow ($449).

Boots: The ThirtyTwo Team One, size nine in black or brown ($219).

Bindings: Some three-year-old TechNines in black. I think they were called the Team binding–they're simple and work good.

Personal settings: I don't do much–just screw my bindings into the freedom groove–it's a CAPiTA thing–and leave them loose. Then I stand on my board and crank the screws down when it feels like I'm in the right spot. Put my desired stickers on, and I'm finished. I also get my boot liners heat-molded.

Tuning techniques: I ride my boards right out of the plastic. If it's slow, I wax–but I don't detune or dull my edges.

Photo: Mark Gallup