What The Pros Are Rockin’ – Hana Beaman

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: Hana (Hana-na-na, Hanska, Hanner) Beaman (B-mack’n, Beamnuts, Benis)
Age: 22
Height: 5’9″
Weight: Around 94 pounds
Home: Mammoth Lakes, California
Roots: Big Bear Lake, California
Sponsors: Rossignol, Sessions, Smith, Grenade Gloves, Pharmacy Board Shop, Vans, Boost Cellular
Stance: Regular, 22-inch-wide centered stance with eighteen degrees on my front foot, and negative-twelve degrees in back.
Board: The Rossignol Slopestyle 154, and Rossignol Premier 154.
Consumption: I go through four or five boards a season.
Lube: Uh, never.
Boots: Vans Daniel Franck. I like to be able to feel the board, so I prefer soft boots.
Bindings: Rossignol HC 3000. I bring the heel cup in a bit and use a smaller size highback.
Artistry: Stickers and spray paint-lots of spray paint.
Quote: “There is more to life than being really, reeeally, reeeeeally, ridiculously good-looking … and I plan to find out what that is.”-Derek Zoolander

Boot: Vans Daniel Franck
Binding: Rossignol HC 3000
Board: Rossignol Slopestyle 154
Jacket: Sessions JL Majestic 12
Pant: Sessions JL Area 51
Goggle: Smith Regulator
Gloves: Grenade Pinski