What the Pros are Rockin’-David Benedek

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: David Benedek

Age: 22

Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 165 pounds

Home: All over

Roots: Munich, Germany

Sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, Anon, Ratiopharm

Stance: Regular, with twelve degrees of angle on the front foot and negative-nine on the back. I don’t know how wide it is—whatever seems right. I ride as centered as I can. Sometimes it ends up being a tiny bit set back.

Board: I ride the Salomon Prospect 157—pretty stiff but a really stable freestyle board. It’s a little long for me—being not very tall—but it works perfectly for powder. In the park I use the Prospect ’54 sometimes.

Boots: The Salomon Dialogue. It’s a pretty soft boot. I hate to break in boots so I’ve always liked softer ones, but lately I’m getting a little more stoked on stiffer boots as the jumps are getting bigger and bigger.

Bindings: Salomon SPX Pro

Superstitions: I hate the feeling of riding a handrail without having my edges being detuned, but that’s as crazy as I get.

Riding style: Oh, it’s wild, that’s for sure. Wild and unleashed—those are two terms that immediately come into my head when I think about it.

Quote: “I’m addicted to speed and the feeling of being upside down moments before detonation.”


What’s in David’s photo:

Board: Salomon Prospect 157 ($400)

Boots: Salomon Dialogues ($220)

Bindings: Salomon SPX Pros ($220)

Jacket: Salomon Optic C10, Rock Print ($210)

Pant: Salomon Optic T20 ($220)

Goggle: Anon Figments ($70)

Gloves: Bonfire 10R ($51)

Photo: Trevor Graves