What The Pros Are Rockin’ Christopher James Brown 16.1

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: Christopher James Brown
Age: 24
Sponsors: Lib Tech, Volcom, Iris, Celtek, Clae, Wildcats, The Circle
Years snowboarding: 12
Home: Whistler, bro.
Height: 6′
Weight: 175 lbs.
Stance: Regular, 24 and 1/4 inches wide, with 30 degrees in front and negative-six in back.
Forward lean: A little.
Board: Lib Dark series 164 and ’61.
Boots: Well, I just ride whatever. Right now it’s Devun’s boot on Forum.
Bindings: Bent Metal.
Personal settings: I use my own liners that a buddy makes for me. They’re heat-moldable foam liners that are real comfortable and warm. If you’re cool, you might be able to get a pair.
Tuning techniques: Just bolt on the binders and go.

Cross-training: I play hockey quite a bit-it’s what all the true Canadians do to stay in shape. It’s super fun and keeps your lungs working. If I’m feeling weak or something, I’ll get into the gym for a bit, but that usually fades out pretty quick. I also skate on a board.