What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: Chris Engelsman
Age: 28
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 180 pounds
Home: SLC, Utah
Roots: The town of Holland in the great state of Michigan.
Sponsors: Elevation, Dragon, Robot Food, Da Kine, Clif Bar
E-tree clothing company
Stance: Goofy, 23.5 inches wide with one-and-a-half more inches of nose than tail. I ride with 24 degrees of angle up front and negative-six on the back. Two years ago, I hurt my back ankle, and the only way I could turn was with a negative angle. Negative-six allowed me to keep riding.
Board: Elevation-I ride the Movement series, mostly the 161 because it’s the perfect all-around length. On deep pow days I ride the 164, and for jibbing I jump on the 158.
Consumption: About one board per month.
Lube: I usually wax only once, right when I get a board. I use a heat gun to get the entire base really hot so that the pores open up and absorb all the wax, then, without scraping, I go ride.
Boots: Northwaves-the KJ or the new G4 Legend. I like a stiff tongue because it helps my weak ankles.
Bindings: I use Drake-Nines. It’s a hybrid of Technines and Drakes.
My modifications are top secret. I’ve taken the best of Technines and the best of Drakes and created awesome bindings-Drake-Nines!
Style: Tall and lanky.
Quote: “Look before you leap!”

Boot: Northwave G4 Legend
Board: Elevation Movement 161
Binding: “Drake-Nines”
Jacket: E-tree black 2.5 ply
Pant: E-tree army green
Goggle: Dragon DMX
Gloves: Da Kine Chargers
Pack: Da Kine Pro 2