What The Kids Are Rockin’- Curtis Ciszek

What The Kids Are Rockin’

Name: Curtis Ciszek
Age: 14
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 110 pounds
Home: Bend, Oregon-Mount Bachelor has sick natural jumps.
Roots: Mammoth, California
Sponsors: Oakley, IG Board Shop “Brass knuckles, represent.”
Stance: Regular, nineteen or twenty inches wide-I just put my bindings in the middle, but in powder I move ’em back, and I angle my front foot at twenty degrees, and I ride negative-six on the back.
Board: Gnu Carbon High Beam 143 and 147.
Consumption: This year I went through four boards.
Lube: Never, I’m lazy.
Edges: I detune ’em when it comes out of the plastic, but besides that I don’t do anything.
Boots: DC Eris-they’re chick boots. I wear them ’cause my feet are narrow. I only use a boot for one season, after that, they’re too soft.
Bindings: Gnu G2. I go through about three sets of ankle straps every season because I ride with my bindings super tight. The buckle just explodes sometimes, so I keep extra straps in my pack.
Music: I almost always listen to music on my mini disc-AC/DC and G N’R. I use big Sony headphones-it’s the worst when I wreck and get snow all packed into them.
Dream day: Two feet of powder.
Style: I like to ride fast and ride everything.
Board: Gnu Carbon High Beam 142
Boot: DC Eris2
Binding: Gnu G2
Jacket: Oakley Incubator
Pant: Puffy Pant
Goggles: Oakley A frame
Beanie: My sister Shelly’s homemade beanie