Wendy Wyvill

Full Name: Wendy Wyvill

Date of Birth: 5/27/71

Hometown: Whistler, B.C.

Home Mountain: Whistler

Riding Since: 1989

Sponsors: Morrow, Smith

Board/Stance Preference: Morrow Todd Richards

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would you go? Canada. Anywhere West.

Favorite Terrain: Freeriding powder

First Time: Golf course. Fun and very sore.

Is snowboarding ready for the Olympics? Not yet but soon. Some people are good at this stuff and some people aren’t.

If you didn’t snowboard what would you be doing right now? Healing people, art stuff, and hanging out with my family.

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding? Mountain bike, skate, run for fun, art stuff, camp.

Who most influences your style? Hillary Maybery.

Who do you ride with the most? Hillary when in the states. Kristi Yzerman in Canada.

If you were going on a trip and could only take five things with you (other than a change of clothes and your snowboard) what would those things be? Art book and art materials, music, reading, herbal teas.

My Favorites…

Color: Yellow

Food: Sushi

Month: May

Number: 8

Mountain: Whistler

Time of Day: I love mornings. Quiet times for runs and stuff.

Airline: United

Car: Anything I don’t have to put money into.

Animal: Riley, my pitbull.