Weekly Giveaway: Nomis/Lauri

For this installment of the weekly giveaway, we’re going to break you off with the Lauri Heiskari hoodie and, Lauri Heiskari jeans from his signature Nomis line. The Lauri full button sweatshirt features an all-over Trulli Clan print, the Trulli Clan being Lauri’s crew from back home in Finland. We’ll hand the kit over free of charge, but you gotta do something first. If you want to look like Lauri, you have to think like Lauri—name all eight official members of the Trulli Clan. First correct answer wins the kit.

Send answers to twsnow.com@gmail.com with “Nomis/Lauri” in the subject line.


The winner of last week’s MFM/Drop giveaway is Jason Carbajal. We asked, ‘Who was Marc Frank Montoya’s first board sponsor?’ Here’s a sampling of the answers we received: Sims, Burton, Kemper, Lamar, Venue, Nitro (Marc’s current board sponsor, but not first), World Industries, Section (Marc’s outerwear sponsor), Never Summer, Technine (Marc’s binding sponsor), Aggression, Gnu, Avalanche, Anon (goggle company that Marc never even rode for) and even MP3 giant Napster (what?). But none of those would suffice, Jason hit us up with the answer and we ran it by Marco himself and he confirmed the answer, his first real board sponsor—Shot Snowboards. Free MFM signature pack courtesy of Drop for you, buddy.