Weekly Giveaway: Electric Bandana Series

This week we’re gonna’ hook you up your eye pieces. Yeah, the big homey, Electric Team Manager Creepy Cyle is going to lace you up proper with the full Electric Bandana series. That’s right kiddies, the winner scores a pair of EG.5 Black Bandanna goggles, and the Bandana Zip hoodie. Oh taste it, son! All you have to do is answer six simple questions about the Electric team. First one to get us all the correct answers wins, easy as pie. Hint: You might find some of the answers here.

1. Who is Alexis Waite’s favorite athlete outside of snowboarding?

2. What was Andreas Wiig’s song in his Mack Dawg/Follow Me Around part?

3. Give us one of Bryan Iguchi’s nicknames?

4. What’s Iikka Backstrom’s hometown?

5. What’s the title of Lane Knaack’s new movie?

6. How much cash did Lucas Magoon walk away with at the Mammoth West Coast Invitational 2006?

Entries must be recieved by 11/09/06. Send answers to twsnow.com@gmail.com with “Bandana” in the subject line.


Last Week’s Giveaway

For last week’s giveaway, Quiksilver presented the “Most Regrettable Tattoo Contest. A great idea, about bad ideas and shitty ink. The winner of the contest is Zach Tisher. Old Zach dropped $250 on a tattoo of his girlfriend’s (girlfriend at the time) name, with “I love you forever scrawled below that in Chinese characters. That’s just bad all-around, and to add insult to injury, the bird flew the coop the same day! Ouch. Yeah, Natalie shook the spot, and left Zach with a sore neck and a lifetime of regretful explanations. The neck’s healed by now, but the hurt is forever. How about an outfit? Pants, jacket, and goggles courtesy of the fine folks at Quik; that’s the best we can do ’till we get that laser removal hook up.

To see Zach’s regretful ink and the rest of ’em click here.