The “no friends on a powder day,” ditch-your-slow-buddy mantra really isn’t the raddest slogan to live by…unless homeboy forgot to wax. Letting your gear go to hell is one of the most glaring cardinal sins of snowboarding. Don’t let that floundering flats-pusher be you. But who can afford weekly 40-50 dollar shop tune-ups? Take a time-out and learn to prep your ride with this tuning prize from One Ball Jay. Backpack, wax, scrapers, socks, et cetera; a hefty grab-bag of goodies from the old-school waxmakers.

Wilson Backpack $70
Board Bag $34
Candy Striper Socks $18
Polka Dot Socks $18
Me So Fast Bio-Green Wax $13
Boot Tool $12
F1 Rub-On Wax $8
Triangle Scraper $7

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