Was There A Name For the Show?

February 3-5th—During the day, riders barreled down Mt. Baker’s natural halfpipe, racing for the millisecond difference between respect and a slow finish time in the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom, while at night a wholly different type of show was taking place down in Bellingham. Product of Fletcher Meisenburg and Matt French, the first inaugural “Was There A Name For the Show?” show celebrated the artistic diversity and talent of the shred industry, featuring notorious Washingtonites like Jamie Lynn and Nick Russian, and the newer Portland guard, represented by Grenerds Tim Karpinski, Seth Neefus and Taylor Brubaker.

Over the course of the Banked Slalom Weekend, works by these NW shred industry scenesters plus many others were up at the Nightlight in Downtown Bellingham. Intrepid reporters that we are, J. Sherowski and myself made the trek down from the rustic removes of Glacier to check out he show. We cut a swath through the herds of Western Washington college students out to make it a big Friday and dipped into the crowd of music appreciators that’d packed the Night Light for the opening night. The art was up in every nook, adorning the weird and twisted wall space of this Bellingham lounge. On stage, the gypsy-punk rock craziness of Gogol Bordello worked the crowd into a froth.

The first annual “Was There A Name For the Show?” was a solid show of shred-types, perfectly timed to the phenomenon that is the Banked Slalom. A full day of riding and racing, and then some art and a truly weird band … not a bad way to do it.