Wallpaper Wednesday: Dreaming in Norway

Norway is known for its incredible fjords, northern lights and historical vikings. It has also produced one of the greatest snowboard photographers of all time, Frode Sandbech.  Being a native in the land of 24 hours of sun, Frode has produced some pretty legendary photos in some pretty iconic areas of Norway.  The shots in this weeks Wallpaper Wednesday are something out of a snowboard fairy tale. Frederik Evensen, Len Jorgensen, and Stale Sandbech grace this weeks wallpapers and will hopefully leave you dreaming for that next adventure, on or off your snowboard.  -Jeff Brockmeyer

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Frederick Evensen


Frederik Evensen is not afraid of heights. Trolltung, Norway. Photo: Frode Sandbech


Len Jorgensen


Len Jorgensen kicking the moon. Fonna, Norway. Photo: Frode Sandbech

Stale Sandbech


Stale Sandbech sending a backside 180 into this insane Fonna, Norway sunset. Photo: Frode Sandbech



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