Volcom PB & Rail Jam: Bear Mountain, CA

Forget the ski lifts, it’s all about truckin’ “the scene” at Bear Mountain in So Cal for the first run of the ’03/04 Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam Tour. With the drunkards sitting back in the 10,000 square-foot sundeck, riders carried their boards back up with them while showing the deck world what they’ve got. Some of the most raring to go and determined AMs arrived to conquer the 3-piece circus-aka-the side-by-side concoction of a flat bar, press box, and gateway that awaited their assault.

What’s nice about this competition? It opens the doors for kids who won’t let the rain slow them down as they go for the highly coveted Peanut Butter Rail Jam title.

With registration spots cashed in at 7:30am, the divisions were divided into two groups: sixteen and under, and seventeen and over. The podium was graced by the likes of:

16 & Under

1. Zak Hale-Academy snowboard

2. Scott Blum-Lip Tech snowskate

3. Spencer Link-Real skateboard

17 & Over

1. Chris Bradshaw-Rossignol snowboard

2. John Miller-Lib Tech snowskate

3. Johnny Centia-Crooked skate deck

With numbers attached to pant legs, a camaraderie was observed by all. Riders attempted each obstacle as many times as they wanted, aiming to finish with the best scores possible. Even with a gray-scale hovering from above, the kids’ spirit climbed a gradient like no other, and when they weren’t tearin’ up the set-up they were loading their faces with hot dogs and what else but PB & J.