VERSUS: Mountain Creek, NJ & Mountain High, CA


East vs. West. Atlantic vs. Pacific. Bagels vs. Fish Tacos. The Shore vs. The Strip.
That’s right—it’s time to pit the pride of Gotham Central against the snow angel of L.A.

California’s Mountain High and New Jersey’s Mountain Creek have long been the opposing stars of the metro snowboard scene, pulling heavily from the Points of Los Angeles and the Five Boroughs of NYC. But who can truly lay claim to the throne of major municipal shredding? It’s time to find out, once and for all.

Here’s your chance to help decide the debate. The Mountains have readied themselves, and will be paired head-to-head in 15 categories. Show your NYC/LA/East Coast/West Coast pride, and vote!

Judging will take place from now through midnight PST of this coming Sunday, October 10th. Winners will be announced on the TransWorld SNOWboarding Facebook Page on Monday the 11th. The resort with the most total votes will take home bragging rights for the first-ever VERSUS crown—but that’s not all…

One lucky entrant from the winning side will earn a 6-pack of tickets for the coming season!
The second-place resort, in the spirit of good fun, will dole out a nifty pair of tix for an entrant from their side.

Wait—don’t live near the coasts? Here’s your chance to play the wild card. You represent the coveted “Sway” voters—the ones politicians drool over—and can easily play a deciding factor in the outcome.

It’ll probably get dirty, we might get shivved, and the liftline hustlers on both sides will probably put cigs out on our foreheads the next time we skate up, but here we go.

In The Red Corner…
Mountain Creek
Vernon, NJ
Tweet: @MountainCreek
Vertical: 1,040 Feet
Snowfall: 65 Inches
Opening/Closing Day: Mid-December/Mid-March
Median Age: 18
% Snowboard/Ski: 70/30

In The Blue Corner…
Mountain High
Wrightwood, CA
Tweet: @MtHigh
Vertical: 1,600 Feet
Snowfall: 141 Inches
Opening/Closing Day: Mid-November/Mid-April
Median Age: 23
% Snowboard/Ski: 80/20

—– —– —–


Let The Debate … BEGIN.