Vans Triple Crown Heats Up Breckenridge.

Friday’s Vans Triple Crown slopestyle qualifiers cut the field of 120 men down to 25, with Norwegian Andreas Wiig, Pat Moore, and Lane Knaak finishing in the top three. Danny Kass and Travis Parker also landed in the top ten. Shaun White was MIA-he opted to compete in the Innsbruck Air and Style instead.

Wiig topped the qualifier with a five, a seven, a rodeo and a rail. In his second run, he put in a nine, but the high-scoring first run was cleaner. When asked about his plans for the finals, Andreas said he’d stick to the seven.

The big story in the women’s arena is Tara Dakides coming back from a two-year injury stretch to place first in qualifiers. She looked solid as hell off the first tabletop, busting her trademark rodeo. The women’s field was narrowed down to twelve from an impressive list of 53 contenders. Halfpipe riders Hannah Teeter, Gretchen Bleiler, and Kelly Clark invaded the slopestyle and finished in the top five ahead of the usual park suspects.

Men’s Slopestyle Qualifiers:

1. Andreas Wiig

2. Pat Moore

3. Lane Knaack

4. Drew Fuller

Women’s Slopestyle Qualifiers:

1. Tara Dakides

2. Jessica Dalpiaz

3. Hannah Teeter

4. Kelly Clark

Snowy weather delayed Saturday’s slopestyle finals, but the Superpipe qualifiers went off regardless. Sixty men were eliminated in the qualifiers leaving thirty ready to battle it out Sunday in the perfect Breck pipe. Top finishers were Tyler Edmond in first, followed by Stephen Myers, Mason Aguirre, and Guillame Morisset (CAN). Anne Molin Kongsgaard, Fabienne Reuteler, Kelly Clark, and Barrett Christy finished in the top four for women.

Check back for results and more details tomorrow from the snowy Slopestyle and Superpipe finals.