V16N03 – What The Pros Are Rockin’

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: Wille Yli-Luoma
Age: 23


Sponsors: K2, Volcom, Dragon, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, Defcon, and Active Ride Shop
Years snowboarding: 10
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 160 lbs
Stance: Goofy, 21.75 inches wide, with eighteen degrees on the front foot and negative-three on the back.
Forward lean: I don’t think I have any.
Board: K2 157 Movement-and the 153 Movement for messing around.
Boots: Black ThirtyTwo Team Ones, size ten.
Bindings: K2 V12s in black.
Personal settings: I just get my stuff and use it the way it is-no heat molding or anything.
Tuning techniques: Nope, I don’t tune my boards. If I do ride rails, I round off my edges in between my bindings, though.
Camera setup: I have a Nikon F5 35mm body, a Hasselblad 501 cm medium-format body, and a Leica M6 4×5 camera. I also have some stock lenses-16 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm, 80 to 200 mm, and so on.
Favorite things to shoot: People mostly, but I like shooting almost anything. It depends on my mood.
Film preference: I like black and white a lot, but I do shoot color photos, too.


Name: Brad Kremer
Occupation: Filmer for Kingpin Productions
Age: 30
Origin: Louisville, Kentucky
Lives: Lake Tahoe, California
Years filming: 12
Years snowboarding: 14
Formal film education: No
Movies you’ve worked on: Substance, Brown Trout, The Warriors, Mission Impossible, The Kingpin Chronicles, Decade, The Revival, Destroyer, Bulletproof, Brainstorm, and this year’s Kingpin movie Happy Hour.
Camera setup: An Arriflex 16mm camera, Angenieux 10 to 15 mm and 5.9 mm lenses, and a Gitzo carbon-fiber tripod with a Manfrotto 501 head and Gitzo shoes.
Film-transfer company: Monaco film labs and video services in San Francisco.
Editing equipment setup: Avid.
Favorite techniques for scoping lines: Using the newly launched Kingpin satellite, portable GPS, and video-transfer technology, we can locate any new jump or line with pinpoint accuracy.
Avalanche equipment: Ortovox M2 tranceiver, probe, and shovel.
Group size: Three to four riders, a filmer, and a photographer.
Tools for jump-building: A bullhorn, a whip, and a shovel.
Anything else you always bring on a shoot: Two-way radios, a cell phone-turned off so as not to interfere with the avalanche tranceiver-binoculars, lunch, and an ice-cold beverage.
Films that have inspired you: Nannook Of The North, Snowboarders In Exile, The Seven Samurai, New Kids On The Twock, and, of course, Star Wars.