V16N03 – Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Name: Daniel Mark Wheeler
Age: 25
Home: I don’t have one.

1. Place to ride?
Mammoth, California.
2. Movie?
A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.
3. Trick?
Cab 360.
4. Food?
Thai curry.
5. Rider of all time?
Mike Ranquet.
6. Band?
Black Sabbath.
7. People to ride with?
Anyone who doesn’t take shit too seriously.
8. Skateboarder?
Guy Mariano.
9. Form of transportation?
10. Brit?
Liam Gallagher.
11. Pastime?
12. Lie to tell yourself?
“I’ll do it tomorrow.”
13. Up and coming kid?
Joel Strecker
.14. Excuse?
“I didn’t wax my board.”
15. Photographer?
Nick Hamilton.
16. Favorite thing about the U.S.?
Hot tubs after riding!
17. Travel destination?
Cannes in the south of France.
18. Team?
Liverpool FC.
19. Game?
Colin McRae Rally.
20. Form of training?
Pints of Guinness.

Favorite Things

Name: Kurt Wastell
Age: 26
Home: Salt Lake City.

1. Place to ride?
It all depends-sometimes it sucks ass and I catch myself saying it was the best day ever. That happened a lot at Snowbird with Marco Frank and Brian Thien this year, but it will change again, I’m sure.
2. Movie?
I can’t seem to get enough of Caddyshack, and Where The Buffalo Roam is up there, too.
3. Trick?
A flop shot, a perfect cut shot, or a punch shot from the woods.
4. Food?
Spicy Mexican food for sure, every day. It tends to blow out the stomach on occasion …
5. Rider of all time?
Jeff Wastell-it gets no smoother than that.
6. Band?
The Steve Miller Band.
7. Person to ride with?
Neil Rankin.
8. Pre-shred activity?
Making sure I’m not forgetting something-I forgot my board once this season, and had to use one of Marc’s.
9. Form of transportation?
A Polaris Summit 800 with reverse.
10. Book?
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.
11. Skateboarder?
Van Wastell.
12. Place to chill?
The cement ledges on my front porch.
13. Up-and-coming kid?
Justin “Destroyer” Hebbel.
14. Excuse?
“The doctor said not to … “
15. Photographer?
Justin Hostynek
16. Lie to tell yourself?
Just one more run-no, I try not to say that.
17. Travel destination?
Fiji, I wish I was there surfing at this very moment.
18. Team?
The Sims team was sweet.
19. Form of training?
Lots of time in the gym, but it gets old.
20. Game?
Basketball in the summer with the Utah dudes.

Name: David Carrier-Porcheron
Age: 21
Home: Whistler, B.C.

1. Place to ride?
In the mountains surrounding Whistler-Brandywine, Callahan, and Rutherford. I also like to freeride and f-k around at the resort.
2. Movie?
Point Break-it’s a little cheesy.
3. Trick?
Maybe frontside nines in the pipe?
4. Food?
Arroz con pollo.
5. Rider of all time?
Terje or Johan.
6. New music?
A French-Canadian hip-hop duo from Quebec called La Structure, a.k.a. Lewee le Metroman and DJ Nerve.
7. People to ride with?
I love to ride with David Aubry, Alex Auchu, Gigi Rüf, Etienne Tremblay …
8. Skateboarder?
Rick McCrank.
9. Form of transportation?
Paddling a surfboard.
10. Book?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
11. Pastime?
Wakeboarding, safety meetings, and chilling with friends.
12. Places to chill?
Dominical in Costa Rica, and my mom’s cabin on St. Jean Lake in Quebec.
13. Snowmobilers?
The four dudes all dressed in green Arctic Cat suits who just high-marked our landing zone.
14. Female riders?
Megan Pischke, Shannon Dunn, and Kjersti Buaas.
15. Chairlift?
The Morte chairlift at Las Le§as, Argentina-for sure!
16. Favorite competition?
The Empire Shakedown and the European Open 2002.
17. Travel destination?
Kauai, Hawai’i any time.
18. Team?
The 418.
19. Thing about the U.S.?
Fish tacos in California
20. Gamme?
I play a lot of rock/paper/scissors in the winter to decide who’s dropping first.