Urban Freestyle BarcelonaBallantine’s

The Ballantine’s Urban Freestyle has been one of the most surprising Freestyle invitational events of the pre-seasson. Some of the best and well known national and intenational riders, like Freddy Kalbermatten, Stefan Gimpl, Flo Mausser, Jonas Emery, o Iker Fernandez came to Barcelona searching for some good runs at the Big of Montjuich and the famous Barcelona party culture!!


The large amount of riders and it’s high quality forced the organization to establish classifications runs on friday. In this way, more than 40 riders where invited to the Urban Freestyle, of which only few like Peyo Mongelos, Faust Punsola, Dani Fernandez, Mauricio Penarroya, Isaac Verges, Igor Dominguez, Hugo Morales y Andy Barrosso passed through the final during Saturday and were selected to messure themselves with the wildcards: Jonas Emery, Stefan Gimpl, Iker Fernandez, Freddy Kalbermatten, Heinz Lohle, David Lopez, Morgan Lefacheur, Tato Chiala y Pajaro Lasagabaster.


Most of the international “pros clan”, came to Barcelona to enjoy the party ambience and discover the famous skating spots!! Riders like Jonas Emery, Freddy Kalbermatten, Heinz Lohle o Stefan Gimpl showed their best during day, and night, arriving exhausted to the finals!! But this was not an excuse for Freedy performing a perfect switch BS 720 or Jonas executing Rippeyflip 1260 with lost of air. Flo Mauser also gave his best with a perfect Cab 900, Gimpl executed two 900 fr with perfect landings and Iker showed his best style with his switch bk5!

Spanish outstanding riders where David Lopez giving a hard time with lots of air bs rodeo, also Daniel Sastre, with a two perfect landed cab 5 cork or Isaac Verges with fr 5, demonstrating their upgrading abilities.


1. Jonas Emery (Rossignol, Billabong-Sui)

2. Flo Mausser (F2, Billabong-Aut)

3. Stefan Gimpl (F2, O’Neill-Aut)

4. Iker FErnandez (Burton, Vlcom-Spa)

5. Freddy Kalbermatten (Burton-Sui)

6. Bjorn Hartweger (Salomon, Volcom-Aut)

7. David Lopez (Burton-Spa)

8. Tato Chiala (Burton-Ita)

9. Julien Harricot (Burton-Fra)

10. Daniel Sastre (Atomic, Protest-Spa)