The Complete 2006 Olympic Team:

Shaun White
Gretchen Bleiler
Hannah Teter
Elena Hight
Kelly Clark
Mason Aguirre
Andy Finch
Danny Kass
Nate Holland
Jason Smith
Seth Wescott
Jayson Hale
Lindsay Jacobellis
Michelle Gorgone
Rosie Fletcher
Tyler Jewell

Yesterday’s evening finals were cancelled due to gusting winds. The event was rescheduled for 8:00 a.m. this Sunday morning, and by the time 9:45 a.m. had rolled around Shaun White had already thrown down his winning run, effortlessly and legendarily sweeping the Grand Prix series. But it was the process of filling the other podium spots that had the Dingo screaming even louder than normal and the crowd on their toes. Every run bumped one rider in and another rider out of the third and fourth place on the U.S. Olympic Team.

Andy Finch took second with a similar run that he’s been doing throughout the Grand Prix series, but with almost-orbit-altitude. He blasted into a crail off the first hit, into a frontside 1080, Cab 7, frontside 900, and ending it with a stomped Michaelchuck. He credits his second place finish to both altering his run a little to meet the judging criteria, but also to the fact that several riders had voiced to the judges that Andy was not getting the scores he deserved the previous day. The judges took note not only of Andy, but Steven Fisher as well who threw a high-speed frontside 1080 followed by back-to-back nines into third.

Finch essentially knocked Danny Davis off the Olympic team roster. While Ross Powers, the second to last rider of the morning, could have knocked Andy out if he had gotten a 4th place finish in his last run, but he came in 6th and that’s how it ended.

Hannah Teter sat out in today’s women’s event leaving a little breathing room on the podium. The story here is Kelly Clark. Kelly needed a second place finish to get to the Olympics and after her first run, it didn’t look like it was happening. But, she pulled it together mentally and physically at the top of the pipe, in her final run blasting huge airs and combo’ing her fives to frontside seven getting into second. Hell yeah, Kelly!

Tune into NBC today, Sunday, January, 22 at 3:00 p.m. ET, for a one-hour special of the Mountain Creek Grand Prix and Olympic announcement.

The Grand Prix is over, Shaun and Gretchen were named the overall winners and each won the keys to new Chevrolet trucks along with the 10,000 first place loot.

The Olympics are in Torino, Italy, from



1. Shaun White
2. Andy Finch
3. Steve Fisher
4. Tommy Czeschin
5. Keir Dillon
6. Ross Powers
7. Jarret Thomas
8. Louie Vito
9. Danny Kass
10. Michael Goldshmidt


1. Gretchen Bleiler
2. Kelly Clark
3. Elena Hight
4. Molly Aguirre
5. Tricia Byrnes