By Liam Gallagher

The inaugural Goofy vs. Regular snowboard contest went down at Bear Mountain on Saturday and Transworld’s team of regular riders proved that left-foot forward is indeed the better way to ride.

The Goofy-footers had a good showing, but when it came down to it they were no match for the team of heavies riding regular. Not to drop names, but the team included the Don himself J.P. Walker, young gun Keegan Valaika, Norwegian Stian Solberg, Aussie on the come-up Robbie Walker, Bear loc Scott Vine, the newest contest kid on the circuit Austin Smith and Finish hell shred Jusso Lavisto.

Lavisto took top honors with the best overall score and MVP status for the regs team earning himself a big-ass check worth a cool 8 G’s. But, because GVR is really a team event all the rest of the lot also walked away with a couple thousand to pad their bank accounts.

And maybe it was the 50,000 dollars in prize money that kept everyone stoked throughout the day, despite some seriously heinous weather, but really it seemed like all those involved were having a damn fine time hanging out with homies, shredding some top-shelf features and heckling those of the opposite stance persuasions.

Says Goofy footer Nick Dirks: “It was fun because everyone could just hang out and ride the lift together and it was way better than wearing a bib and calling dropping next, plus nobody is really going against each other.”

Dirks did well for himself and his team and blasted bigger than most on the hip. Other goofy standouts included big Louie Vito, Ryan Thompson, Simon Chamberlain and Kimmy Fasani.

One of the other particularly rad things about the contest was the loose schedule that allowed time for riders to actually ride in between their runs.

When asked which of the goofy footers impressed him most, regular team member Austin Smith said he was too busy lapping the rest of the mountain and didn’t really watch their runs.

And what about the reg riders?

“Well, Jusso was obviously killing it and he had to board in the harshest conditions of the day and it didn’t even seem to affect him.  And someone did a double-backflip so that’s always cool.”

And Austin went on to add that he liked GVR’s unique format that pits the goofy footers against the regs, because even while most snowboarders are fundamentally averted to “team sports” it’s still kind of fun to unite with like-minded (and stanced) boarders to try and out do the other dudes.

Again Austin: “It’s cool because you’re actually on a team and you’re working together instead of it just being an every man for himself kind of deal.”

GvR Results:

Total Weekend Prize Purse – $50,000

Regular Team:

1. Team MVP Jusso Lavisto – $9,000

2. Keegan Valaika – $4,500

3. Stian Solberg – $2,000

4. Erich Dummer – $1,750

5. *Robbie Walker – $2,500

6. *Austin Smith – $2,000

7. Dave Fortin – $1,000

8. Scott Vine – $1,000

9. *Markku Koski – $2,000

10. Corey Cronk – $1,000

11. Corey Noble – $1,000

12. *JP Walker – $2,000

13. *Joe Sexton – $2,000

14. Beverly Vuilleumier – $1,000

15. Desiree Melachon – $1,000

Goofy Team:

1. *Louie Vito – $1,750

2. Forrest Bailey – $750

3. Clayton Shoemaker – $750

4. Tyler Flanagan – $750

5. Jonas Michilot – $750

6. *Nick Dirks – $1,750

7. *Simon Chamberlain – $1,750

8. Siguard Haga – $750

9. Alex Sherman – $750

10. Cody Boan – $750

11. Kimmy Fasani – $750

12. Harrison Gordon – $750

13. *Ryan Thompson – $1,750

14. Gabi Viteri – $750

15. *Chris Bradshaw – $1,750

The * symbolizes the five riders selected by the teamm captain for the final team.  Each of these team riders receives an automatic $1,000 going into the event.