Johnny Lyall, Mt. Seymour, B.C., Canada.

Photo: Scott Serfas

“This past season I spent the majority of it moving. Here is a run  down of how it went.  First, I left my home in Vancouver and flew to Salt Lake City. After 3 weeks of bad weather I pulled the pin and headed to the Standard Films house in Tahoe. Within an hour of landing at the Reno airport, I found out that everyone there was going to Idaho. So that day I jumped into a rental car with Mathieu Crepel and Kazu and kept the back seat warm for a good 12 hours. I spent 2 weeks in Idaho where the stability was at an all time low and riding in the backcountry was very dangerous. So I hitched a ride back to Whistler with Jake Koia and spent a bit of time there before loading up my sled and truck and driving back down to Tahoe. After a good month in Tahoe I made the trip back to Vancouver, shot a day on Mt. Seymour and a few in Whistler before heading back to Tahoe for my third time. Two more weeks there and it was to the east coast of Canada for a Newfoundlandfeature and some hang time in Quebec. Finally I got back home to shoot  a bit in Whistler and then finished the season with 3 weeks heli’n in  Alaska with the Absinthe Films crew. Here are some photos that I was lucky enough to catch along the way.”

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