TWS Editor’s Rant: Nathan Yant 1

Go figure; after a million people moved to Lake Tahoe this winter, the weather pattern from the last five years changed, and the mountains are barely dusted with snow. The temperature is freezing cold; the snowpack is 24 percent of normal and there is no sign of any storms in any forecast. I can’t remember the last time it sucked this bad, we’re usually knee deep in snow by Christmas. This serves the hordes of shredders right for leaving their homes in Utah, Colorado, and Oregon thinking Tahoe was going to go off this winter; but it also leaves me with no other choice but to pack up my bags, and leave this cesspool I called home for 22 years.

The North West has been getting hammered for most of the year, and with more snow expected in the next couple of weeks, Jimmy Halopoff, The Green Cowboy, and myself decided to load the sleds onto a trailer, and hitch it to the back of Jimmy’s Four Runner. In eighteen hours, we will drive through California, Oregon, Washington before reaching our final destination in a different country; Sean Johnson’s house in North Vancuver.

If all goes well, and the weather lifts for a few days, we will hit the semi-played out booters of Mt. Seymour, go sledding in Snowmobile Land, ride Whistler and Blackholmb; and hook up with Kevin Young, Lukas Huffman, Dionne Delasalle, Chris Brown; and a few others. Sypnewski will also be up in B.C. around the thirteenth to cover the Vans Triple Crown at Seymour, so if you see a short, chubby Pollock, and an overweight, balding blonde honky belly-up to the bar¿don’t be alarmed: it’s probably just Dave and I taking advantage of the exchange rate.