Twelve Gifts for Christmas

Christmas sucks ’cause there is really only one day when it happens. Now Hanukkah, there’s a holiday. For eight days you get presents. That’s the kind of holiday that kids want. Well regardless, Christmas is just around the corner so since Snowboarding Online is such a very thoughtful site concerned with what snowboarders will receive this year, we though we would help you buy the perfect gift without you even getting out of your chair. Who needs the Home Shopping Network when you have the SOL Shop right under your fingertips 24 hours a day.

So come, let’s be cliché this holiday season and let your fingers do the walking, while you do the shoppin’. Here’s what we have to offer if you direct to some much haves.

What snowboarder wouldn’t be stoked to get a copy of the latest Mack Dawg video Simple Pleasure‘s? Featuring riders like J.P. Walker, BJ Leines, Todd Richards, Peter Line, and more this is one gift that will be enjoyed all year and for years to come. And if this video doesn’t stoke you check out all of the videos we have to offer.

Okay, so let’s start with the big, expensive stuff. Maybe you want to get your girlfriend on a snowboard or you want your parents to get you a board, but you just can’t convince them to go to a snowboard shop. The perfect solution: order it and it will show up on your front doorstep just in time for the snow. The offers brands like K2, Gnu, Lamar, Sims, and many more.

Well, if you get a new board you might really want to consider boots. Airwalk’s are pretty cool right? How about a pair of Blax boots or Killer Loop? All you have to do is click on the button that places them into your shopping cart and you can wheel on.

Let’s be honest here, you might as well take a look at the whole package, right? Your saving a lot in gas and being kind to the environment by not driving and ordering the goods through the internet. So go ahead get the full meal deal Bindings by Technine and Universal are on sale now.

Have you ever had that not-so-stoked-to-be-carrying-your-board feeling? Well, just in case you have someone came up with this nifty little doo-dad of a handle that can wrap around your board for those times when you’re juggling gear and trying to get across a parking lot or something like that. Now, we’ve never really used this item, but at $5.95 it would make a great stocking stuffer for those people who have everything.

So you want to teach your girlfriend or boyfriend to snowboard? Well, if you insist at least give them a good head start by giving them this CD-Rom. This interactive CD will offer the snowboarder wannabe a chance to get personal instruction from rider Chris Zuschlag and his team of instructors. This gift includes everything from the basics of snowboarding to how to buy equipment. You might even learn a thing or two from it, you never know.

Tired of soaking the inside of your car every time you throw your snow covered into the back seat? You don’t have to buy a 300 dollar rack system, just get the Board Hiker. For $29.95 you can mount your board to your window with this easy to remove board rack.

With the Olympics coming up health has become a real issue among pro snowboarders. Many have been turning to natural supplements like Ginseng to help increase performance. Now you too can improve your energy level and maybe even your riding with Vermont Ginseng Extract. It comes in 2 oz. or 5 oz. Bottles.

If you are trying to kick that chewing habit or know someone else who is here’s the snowboarders cure: Root 100. It’s a ginseng chew that will give you an energy boost, but isn’t bad for your stomach like tobacco is. It’s also legal if you’re under 18. Get the healthy alternative in seven flavors to cure your oral fixation today.

The cool tool is an excellent stocking stuffer idea and a great gift for that difficult to find a gift for person. For a mere $9.95 you can give your bro’ a palm sized screwdriver that’s perfect for binding adjustments on the slope.

You’ve probably read about this mysterious rub on wax substitute by now and if you haven’t, check out our review of Zardoz. This non-wax substance is an easy to use base lube that you can carry in your pocket and use on those sticky snow days.

The gift for that person that has everything is of course the Mountain Club Card. For a mere $19.95 you receive a card that entitles you to lift ticket and lodging discounts of up to 50 percent at resorts across the nation.