No matter how long you study the tabloids, or which individual events you have seen televised this winter, there is only one snowboarding tour existing that embodies the following three key prerequisites to a healthy growth for sport, competitor and spectator interest:

1. A rookie to pro system guaranteeing the Worlds most talented juniors and their peers a credible and rider friendly path to the top of Professional Freestyle Snowboarding.

2. Event format designs that elevate the level of Professional Freestyle Snowboarding’s entertainment appeal.

3. A media package that is dynamically produced, professionally edited and selectively distributed.

The TTR Society has spent the last 3 years tailoring the ‘Ticket To Ride’ to suit the above prerequisites, and with the commitment from top athletes, a board of directors of industry executives, professional staff, brand partners and event organizers, has enabled to lift the level of the tour to what you witnessed during the season; Top events, terrific locations, phenomenal athletes, solid out-put.

Terje Haakonsen, notably the worlds most respected Professional Freestyle Snowboarder, an event owner and organizer himself, gave initiative to developing a credible tour, it being the TTR, and his event, ‘The Arctic Challenge’ being the tours final stop. The Norwegian based event brings, via TTR Qualifying Events and Pro Series events, the very best of Snowboarding’s current leaders together with selection of Terje’s ‘cream of the crop’ rising stars and seasoned pedigrees.

‘The Arctic Challenge 2005’
Location: Three event sites; Tromsö, Finnsnes, Lofoten. Norway.
Date: 29th March – 6th April, 2005

TTR Pro Series qualified riders:

Andy Finch (Current TTR Tour leader on Pro Series wins)
Keir Dillon
Risto Mattila
Andreas Wiig
Rahm Klampert
Markus Keller
Elias Elhardt
Danny Kass
Chris Sörman

Terje Haakonsen’s selected wildcards:

Travis Rice
Romain De Marchi
Marku Koski
Antti Autti
Kazu Kokubo
Takaharu Nakai
Mason Aguirre
Mathieu Crepel
Danny Davies
Frederik Kalbermatten
Jake Blauvelt
Eirik Haugo
Louri Podladchikov
Dani Costandaché

Qualified but either Injured or unavailable:

Steve Fisher
Nicolas Müller
Rio Tahara
Gian Simmen
Hampus Mosesson
Jussi Oksanen
Shaun White

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