Trilogy Arts: Keeping it Green

Hailing from North Lake Tahoe CA, Trilogy Arts is not your run of the mill board company. Not only because they’re a surf/skate/snow triple threat, but because they are marching to the beat of their own drum. The Trilogy is dedicated and looking for ways to be environmentally conscious in their production—conserving natural resources by using alternative materials and still turning out grade A product. There are no suits calling the shots either, just Ruben Sanchez, True Love and the rest of the Trilogy Artists.

Tell me about the Trilogy

True Love: The trilogy represents surfing, skating, and snowboarding.

How long have you been making boards for?

TL: This is three years making boards.

Ruben Sanchez: Yep this is our third year, officially second. Our third series of boards will be out soon.

How have things been going?

RS: It’s been going pretty good—were just trying to stay on our feet and keep moving forward. I started the company myself, and then True came on shortly after. True and Ryan (Wichert) were the first two team riders. True has also done a lot as far as keeping the web and the graphic design going.

So how was the past Winter? Tell me about the video.

TL: The winter went well. The team video looks cool. I like the project because all our team riders are involved. It’s going to be called Awake. We have a teaser on the site— I do the editing with the riders, and Tte soundtrack is going to be a mix of friends, and team riders too.

You guys are on a surf trip right now yeah?

Ryan Wichert: Yeah, we just schooled it actually!

TL: Kind of visiting where everyone grew up.

RS I grew up in Santa Barbara, so we were up there camping out at the beach for the last couple days. We got some good surf.

What do you have planned for the future of the company?

RS I’ve got a friend who’s shaping surfboards for us out of Santa Barbara, and we’ve got skateboards coming out this summer. We’re getting everything going on our website, keeping a small camaraderie of friends through the web, and promoting all of the different artists and musicians that are working to make our videos. We promote everyone that’s a part of Trilogy Arts like an artistic distribution on the web. We’re highlighting all the artists doing our boards, music, and everything that has to do with surfing, skating, snowboarding and the arts—it’s super grass roots.

What about the Hemp Snowboard?

TL: We’re looking for ways to use better resources than wood. The board has a hemp layer for dampening, that will hopefully start replacing the fiberglass. I’ve been riding it a bit this year—it’s good—it works. You don’t really notice the difference, but the building of it is from a good source. The board will be out in September.

RS: Were working towards using all solar power to make the skateboards, and to use local woods for the skates and snowboards. With the surfboards were trying to do everything off of solar energy; and bio diesel—we’re totally working towards a green factory! That’s pretty much what our future is about—trying to work towards depleting less of our natural resources and using salvaged, and more recyclable materials.