Tricks for Treats

Kewaskum, Wisconsin—While every other kid was choosing which neighborhood to invade on Halloween, the top Midwestern shredders and a few others from around the nation competed at the first annual Tricks for Treats Rail Jam and Costume Contest held at the legendary Sunburst Ski Area just north of Milwaukee Wisconsin. With 1000 big ones on the line for 1st place there was a huge rider turn out with 100 contestants and about 80 on the waiting list. A couple hundred people came to check the event out and compete for the Best Costume award—a full snowboard setup. With costumes like the Anchor Men, Umpalumpahs, Beatlejuice, and disturbingly weird cowboys one could tell that the prize for best costume was definitely taken seriously.

Once the 32,000 pounds of ice was shredded up and on the hill, riders took to the twenty-four foot C-box and mellow kinker in a frenzy. With three solid 45-minute heats the riders got tons of runs and were destroying the fresh new features. Disco Stew was throwin down mad steez on his vintage Kemper, while Pat Milbery was representing the Midwest with his mootastic cow suit.

The crowd was into it all day, shouting their ooooohs and ahhhhhs as riders stomped and bailed into a sloppy snow/mud mix. As the day went by the standout riders started to show themselves. In the women’s finals Emily Blewitt impressed the crowd with stylish slides while Makayla Meixmer and Marissa Krawzcak were turning heads. In the men’s finals local Sunburst native Austin Noring was killing the c-box and pressing the H. E. double hockey sticks out of everything he pulled. All the while, the McCafferty brothers, Joe and Kyle, were doing their usual tag team assault—throwing down almost every variation of tricks one could think of. Another local riper, Matt Doman, was claiming his stomping ground all day long with raging 270’s. Even though the Vikings already beat the Packers, the Minnesotan’s came ready for battle—bringing out their first string all-stars; Joe Sexton, Jake Olsen-Elm, Pat Milbery, and Jonas Michilot. The crew showed the crowd how the Midwest really does it! With Jakesbuttery style and Milbery’s balls to the wall mentality, the judges new Minnesota would be heading to the podium. After an exciting semi-final round the $1,000 cash prize was lurking in the heads of the finalists and everyone was bringing their best to the table. These kids were whipping their bodies in positions only Jenna Jamison should know about! After all was said and done the podium was full of familiar faces with Joe McCafferty taking 3rd, Joe Sexton taking 2nd, and Academy’s Jonas Michilot taking home cash dollars and one big smile!Big shout out to our judges the Notorious B.O.B., Wikdawg, and J1 along with anyone else who helped make this event go off!

Men’s Finals:

1st — Jonas Michilot
2nd — Joe Sexton
3rd — Joe McCafferty

Women’s Finals:

1st — Emily Blewitt
2nd — Marissa Krawzcak
3rd — Makayla Meixmer

Best Costume:

The Crazy Midget Pillow Cowboy