Dee da leeet! If you wanna know what that means, read what Travis Parker has to say to all you kiddies, ladies, and shredders. He can tell you about the DC girls, 900s, and give advice with the best of them. This year look for Parker in Standard’s Optigrab, and next year, in Robotfood, which he’ll be filming, at a mountain near you (if you’re lucky). Travis Rides for K2, Sessions, DCshoecousa, Smith, and Milosport.

Q. Yo, first I wanted to say I love your style of riding. There are only two riders who I think are just sick, and that’s you and Jamie Lynn.  Anyway, I was wondering how you did when you first got started in contests. Also, when you do your backside rodeos, do you fall after you hit the lip or do you jump off your heals as the lip of the jump leaves beneath your board? Hey, thanks, man and keep ripin’.¿Kyle

A. Sheesh, thanks Kyle. I did pretty good in my first contests¿fourth, third, second. I was usually there with friends and it wasn’t much the contest as much as it was the session though, you know? On my backside rodeos, I go off my toes and tail and then throw the head in that bs rodeo direction.

Q. I would just like to know if there is ever a time, or if there ever has been a time, when you doubted what you were doing with your life (snowboarding). Do you ever feel like you’ve chosen the wrong path?¿M.

A. I think my path is set. I really don’t have control of the future. I just try to be as positive and surround myself with positive people. Negative people can take a hike. As far as doubt goes … sure sometimes I doubt. I’m human. Humans doubt.

Q. You were up in Whistler, BC, for the Sims Invitational. What did you think of Whistler? More importantly what do you think of Whistler girls? David Hasselhoff has been quoted saying that Whistler ladies are the best looking in the world¿Margeret

A. I love hot Whistler babes! Hasselhoff is down with plastic babes … I’m not backing him.

Q. What are you currently reading?-CMC Student

A. Culture Jam, By Kalle Lasn.

Q. What’s up, Travis? My name is John, I just wanted to write you and let you know how stoked I am to see you still out there having fun. I’ve been riding for about ten years now and every year I get more stoked on Snowboarding. I see so many kids out there that have totally lost that feeling of freedom¿that feeling of just being on your board and having that end of the day run where your life is completely satisfied¿no worries, no problems. Well, I hope to see you in the up and coming contests, look for the Heelside tour bus, it should be heading your way. Keep the feeling Parker, and keep the dope b-side rode sevens coming because no one can do them like you¿no one.¿John

A. Thanks John. I agree. Snowboarding does get more fun every year.

Q. Insane Blade is amazing, your riding skills are amazing, and your style is sick.  But the question I really want to ask you is, will there be an Insane Blade 2, the return of fruitbooters?¿Slim847

A. I’m planning on an Insane Blade 2 … I just want to wait for the right time and place. I have to feel it before I make my move.

Q. I hear that you are pretty silly, that’s just my type.  Are you ever coming to Idaho?  I know that I’m dying for you to come here and shred!  Basically I just want to tell you to come here and I promise that you’ll get your bones jumped!¿Lily D.

A. Awe, Lily.

Q. What’s up Travis? I’ve been a big fan since back in the day.  My question is did you get lucky with any of those models on the DC tour?  Some of those chicks were DOPE!  If so, any good stories about that? Peace.¿Matt

A. I went on a coffee date with Jen. She doesn’t drink coffee though. We broke up after that.

Q. Longhorns or Aggies (hook ’em horns?¿Dave

A.. Longhorns!!!!

Q. What the hell does “dee da leet” mean? I mean the guy says it all the time, I’ve heard him have full conversations in the dee da leet language.-E.

A. Nothing. Nonsense.

Q. Hey,Travis. If you left the sport of snowboarding for a couple of years for whatever reason, would you try to get back to the level that you were at when you left?¿ Benny

A. “A career is a series of comebacks.” It’s a quote but I forgot who it was.

Q. Yo, Travis what’s the one thing that bothers you the most in snowboarding and what’s next, the underflip corkscrew or the moustache plant?¿Mike” I’m the only one to win a pro competition in three decades” Estes, Portland, Oregon

A. Estes …you’re a good man. Thanks for teaching me Mctwists. I don’t like teenybopper robot sheep. The moustache plant.

Q. Hey Travis, what’s up? Here’s my question for you. When you landed your first 900 what went through you head? Also, I think you should have won the 2001 X-Games big air¿you rocked.¿Mitch

A. Thanks, Mitch. My first 900 was at a contest in Snoqualmie, Washington at an OBE Big air. I rode up the chair with Dick Nessover. I landed a cab 7 in the qualifier and he and I made the final. I said “Dick, should I go for the nine or be a chump?” He said, “Go for it.” So I did my first 900. I surprised myself. A lot of tricks happen unexpectedly like that.

Q. HEY T.P., Just wonderin’ if it truly is only coincidence that a handsome man like you sport such a dirty stash while getting all wrapped up in this short film biz of yours? Are some of those “unreleased to the public” films, held behind unmarked, unlabeled cases?  If mere coincidence is ruled out, you must RULE ME IN!  I’ve been looking for my big break and SLC just ain’t the same without you.  You’ll be hearing from my agent.¿Kat, Salt Lake City, Utah

A. I don’t know what to say, Kat. Awe shucks.

Q. Hi, I’m thirteen years old and I really want to snowboard when I grow up. What should I do to follow my goal? What do you recommend? Thanks.¿S.J.

A. Try hard, keep your head up, listen to your pump organ that would be your heart … have fun, be yourself, smile, and don’t watch too much TV.