TransWorld Snowboarding’s 2005 TransAm Series made its fourth stop at Bear Mountain Resort. The sun was shining as it usually does at that mountain. Smith Optics hooked it up with their custom limo, which came fully equipped with a 32-foot rail attached to the roof. To keep things flowing, High Cascade’s camp director Preston Strout came and emceed the event. I don’t know if you’ve ever talked with Preston, but this guy is nothing short of hilarious. With everything set we let the grommies begin.

I’m still blown away by the stuff these riders were pulling— busting frontside lipslides off the limo and even a couple kids straight gapped over the entire thing. With all the talent it was hard to say who should win, so we left the deciding up to our awesome panel of judges; riders Kellie Wright, Johnny Miller, and Preston Strout, among others. There were definitely a few groms who stood out, like Cory Whetstone who took best trick of the day with his cab 180 on frontside 360 off. Overall Cory Donoho took it for the guys and Jenna Klein for the gals. But what would a TransAm be if we didn’t let you know who took the most prestigious title of all, Worst Fall. We are proud to announce Kieran “Seamus O’Connor is the winner of this.

Everyone walked away with a little something during the product toss thanks to TransWorld’s very own Jardine Hammond and a little help from me, the intern. But it wouldn’t have happened without our sponsors High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Smith Optics, Zumiez, DaKine, Ride Snowboards, and the kick-ass Bear Mountain staff— thanks Kim and Brad and all who participated. Check back for the final results of TransWorld Snowboarding’s TransAm Series.



1. Jenna Klein

2. Tammy Varner

3. Amanda Lapham


1. Cory Donoho

2. Yoshi Koniyama

3. Ryan Tarbell

Best Trick:Cory Whetstone cab 180 on frontside 360 off

Worst Fall:Kieran “Seamus O’Connor