TransWorld Riders Poll Blowout, White Balance Premiere

About 2,000 people descended on San Diego’s warehouse district on Friday, September 5 to witness the Fifth Annual Riders Poll Awards, watch the premiere of Standard Films’ new flick White Balance, and most importantly, to party. If you can judge a good celebration by how much trouble it causes, then it’s safe to say that this blowout was one of the best. The cops showed up, the liquor board swung by, the fire marshal was there … good times, no doubt about it.

The evening started out with a mellow VIP cocktail session, which moved into a quick punk rock show courtesy of San Diego’s Plug Uglies, then on to the awards themselves. The TransWorld editors got on stage, stumbled their way through speeches scrawled on bar napkins, and bestowed shiny glass blocks on all the Poll winners. We know you’re dying to find out, so without further ado, here’s the results: Men’s Rookie Of The Year: Zach Leach. Women’s Rookie Of The Year: Hannah Teter. Rock Star Of The Year: Romain DeMarchi. Men’s Rider Of The Year: Shaun White. Women’s Rider Of The Year: Gretchen Bleiler.

White Balance hit the screen after the awards show and literally blew people’s minds, definitely earning recognition as one of the best Standard movies in years. Jeremy Jones’s backcountry footage was unbelievable. The kids’ section featuring Burton Rookies like Luke Mitrani and Mikkel Bang ruled. And Terje’s part was insane. So the movie wound down, the party kicked back in for a few, and just like at the end of every good night … then the cops showed up.

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