TransWorld Names Riders of The Year

TransWorld‘s 2005 Riders’ Poll Awards show went down in San Diego last night. Pros flew in from around the world, Dingo manned the mic, and the ladies were in full effect. Neoproto’s Some Kinda Life-the best snowboard video we’ve seen this year-debuted just after the awards. So yes, you should have been there.

We’re still recovering and the Mack Dawg, Standard, and Misschief premieres are tonight. Here’s the first half of a slideshow and the results-so all you all can stop askin’ us who won. Check back tomorrow for shots of the Suicide Girls and video of the awards show.

2005 Riders’ Poll Winners

Rider of the Year Men: Chad Otterstrom

Rider of the Year Women: Leanne Pelosi

Readers’ Choice Men: Travis Rice

Readers’ Choice Women: Leanne Pelosi

2005 Standout Men: Mads Jonnson

Rookie of the Year Men: Eero Niemela

Rookie of the Year Women: Anne-Flore Marxer


Coyle’s Corner

What would life be like without the musing’s of TW‘s Chris Coyle? Here’s his take on the night.

In My Day …

What the hell happened to snowboarding? In the old days the Riders’ Poll Awards were a clusterf-k of drunken pros and industry folk, nowadays everyone is making so much money, that they’re afraid to piss off their sponsors. Wimps. I mean, come on, K2 flipped the bill for free drinks for damn near two hours before the actual award ceremony and still not one person threw up on stage. Pussies. You’d think that while the Suicide Girls where dancing, that at least one drunk Scandinavian kid would have got up on stage and tried to dance, but nooooo. Chickenshits. Suzuki was there showing off their new hot cars out in front of the club and not even one over-served minor tried to pee on them. What’s wrong with today’s youth, huh? And don’t try and give me that, “We’re growin’ up” crap, neither, ’cause that’s horsepucky. Well there’s still the Grenade premiere-those guys are idiots, so I’ve got some hope for an eventful night before this weekend is over.

Check out the slideshow.