TransWorld’s Last Call

Some shots from last season's WCI pipe. PHOTOS: Christy Chaloux

The WCI at Mammoth has become the ender ender for the TWS crew. We travel all winter in about thirty different directions, and usually not with eachother. Next weekend we're all heading up to power ride as a crew and maybe party for a hot minute. It's become a bit of a tradition--pros will be there, the long lines to get into the restaurants and bars are gone, and Mammoth's slopes are gaper-free.

Don't just let winter fade away, send it off TransWorld-style. Mammoth is hooking up great deals on lodging for the weekend and there's a ton of stuff to do. Check out the lodging deal here.

Our Plan Of Attack:
– Skip work on Friday and get there Thursday night (shhh)

-Shred Friday and watch the Fiesta de la Pipa at the Superpipe in the afternoon. TWS Editor Ben Gavelda might enter it--it's open to the public.

-Shred Saturday and then check out the WCI Rail Jam in the Village starting at 7:30. Smell the glove a little and hit up the Still Life With Snow photo show in the village later on that night with the cool kids. Then jump on the gondola and head up to the after party at Canyon Lodge with Dilated Peoples, My-G, and DJ MFM.

-Wake up. Shred. Leave.

There, we did all the planning and we were thoughtful enough to include you instead of just putting up shots of how awesome it was next week. Now all you have to do is get there. Click here for the full event schedule.

The season isn’t over until you stop riding.