What goes on in Russia? I sure as hell don’t know, and I just spent two weeks there traveling around with the Mack Dawg crew. I guess the reason I still don’t know is because it’s hard to get a handle on a place you’ve had so many preconceived ideas about for so long. I mean, what is the real Russia? Is it all the jokes about “Commies, “Reds, and the Russian Mafia that immediately pop into your head? Is it little resorts in giant mountains filled with powder of the perfect consistency? Is it a night of hot-pepper vodka shots that leaves the taste of Mexican food and TNT in your mouth the next morning? Is it the bitter cold knifing into your cheeks as you walk across Red Square?

People, like I said, I don’t know … yet. But I’m stewing on it right now and will come to some serious conclusions soon—so stay tuned for a full report and some pretty action pictures in our next volume of issues. For now, be content with a few of my own photos from the trip. My asshole friends never asked to see ’em, so I may as well show them to someone. Bye.