By Adam Kisiel

Hanging out down by the train tracks usually meant you were a rebel, an outlaw dancing on the fringes of society with no regard for anyone or anything including yourself. The Transworld Snowboarding TransAm at Winter Park attracted that same caliber rebel who wasn’t afraid of anything down by the tracks, even speeding locomotives. As the first train rolled through Moffat Tunnel at Winter Park Colorado, 125 riders dropped into a mini park like no other park on the TransAm tour. The Rail Yard Park Crew put together an awesome mini park that made riders get creative and move out of the frontside same way out mind set.
The Dakine down bar set up had riders throwing tricks that you would expect to see on a down rail in the middle of nearby Denver. Riders could also take it downtown on the Zumiez wallride, which was angled so that you could air out over a chain link fence and the Zumiez couch. The traffic was as heavy as the tricks being thrown on the Ride Snowboard flat down feature. Just when you thought the Rail Yard Crew was keeping it strictly for the streets, they tagged in Mother Nature to bring the pain. The Winter Park log A frame was as huge as the hearts of the rider’s that were jibbing it. It took a lot of courage to 50-50, gap with a backside 180, or catch an edge at the peak of the A and still keep your face. The Oakley quarter pipe was not for the faint of heart either. With a log pole jam on each front corner of the quarter pipe, it was enough to make any lumberjack drool with envy. Riders could use the log poles to stall, spin bonk, air off the top and land either back in the transition of the Oakley quarter pipe or in the landing on the back of the feature. To the amazement of many of the spectators one rider managed to get stuck having the pole slide in between his feet and over his board. The rider, confused of how he got involved in the human game of ring toss, fumbled to unstrap his bindings to break free of the log. The High Cascade barrel pyramid had rider’s getting sick all day, and not from the altitude of the rockies. The pyramid was rideable from any angle, it just took a rider that would disregard any conventional line and let the train run off the tracks without a care. Clayton Kinney was that type of rider. Riding the course like a man possessed, Clayton took home honors for most original line.
After the smoke cleared from the traffic jam, 40 riders were left standing at the tracks for the Ultimate Jam final. DJ Decker dropped the beats and the final riders dropped hammers for 45 minutes of inverts, chain link fence boardslides, and hand plants on virtually every piece of wood and metal that made up this crazy train of a mini park. Rider Maxwell Scott threw a trick he called “the tame dog 720,” leaving the judges wondering they had just witnessed. Tim Eddy guest judged and he was in so much shock all he could do was smile. In the end, it was Steve Waters and Hannah Fuller that were catching the last train of top honors out of Winter Park. Top riders took home custom TransAm Dakine backpacks filled with sweet stuff from TransWorld, Oakley, High Cascade, and Zumiez. First place riders also received snowboards from Ride Snowboards and Dakine board bags. All tracks lead to Winter Park Colorado for one of the best parks and hardest working park crews in the nation. Don’t miss the next train into The Rail Yard.

TransAm Winter Park Final Results:

1. Steve Waters
2. Chris Sypert
3. Ryan Cruze

1. Hannah Fuller
2. Sandra Hillen
3. Emily Belwit

Best Line: Clayton Kinney
Best Style: Maxwell Scott
Worst Crash: Xander Marucci