TransAm Northstar

Matt Forsch competing in finals at the Northstar stop of the TransAm. Photo: Terren Gomez

Words by Adam Kisiel

Everyone has heard the stories behind Roswell Park, the theories behind how crop circles just appear overnight, the continuous front page coverage in the newspaper in grocery check out lines of how the nation is run by aliens. Below is a gathering of facts, ramblings, and outright lies of what happened at Northstar. None of which fully explain the abduction of one companies iconic Orange Couch, how riders no taller than your knees seemed to float through the air with such ease, or how it can snow 6 ft. and then be so sunny and warm for one of the best TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAm stops anyone can identify or unidentify.

Can you explain how a group of pint size terrors, many of which made the ultimate final, were sending it so big? They were calling themselves the Gnar Star Crew and one of its members named Rocket was pointing it past the Dakine Down Bar holding all of his speed and floating what seemed like twenty feet over top of the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Marshmallow. Another member of the crew Toby Miller, who I know I saw kill the hip in the Bear TransAm last season, some how just magically appeared to teach the Northstar Pole Jam a thing or two about ripping. It is only fitting that at a resort named after a star so many things can't be explained. One of which is the park that appeared over night, many saw the lights that night, but were unavailable for comment on how the awesomely creative park materialized in the morning. I asked Northstar Park Manager Chris Castaneda for comment and he raved, " they are everywhere, and more are coming." I know for a fact he and his crew have more info and are partly responsible for this phenomena. Nick Geisen was not afraid as he parted ways between the Dakine Paper Shreds to slay the Dakine down rail. Becky Bruce didn't hesitate to showcase her talents on the glowing green Ride Snowboards Slimewall. Made from snow, the slime wall could be hit from both sides and over the top. Even Brekke was maniacally dancing across the Oakley drainage pipe that had water and the Oakley sharks spilling out the end for the riders to gap over. Another explained they heard a huge bang in the night and saw a strange orange glow hover over Northstar then disappear in the distance. Later reports were that the Zumiez couch was abducted and replaced by a fallen timber. The huge Zumiez Log Jib had riders spinning, stalling, and hand planting their way over it. Some might have thought it was a roadblock put there by a strange force, but that didn't stop Tanya Oleskowicz from cutting through it with a plethora of tricks.

Eighty four riders pushed their way through the crowd witnessing the out of this world spectacle to ride in the Traffic Jam, an everyone at once sensation for an hour long. Forty riders were picked to ride in the Ultimate Jam, which showcased the highflying skills of riders like Jade McJannett and Chris Geisen in a 10-minute jam of each line of the TransAm Park. Proof of what happened that day was in the hands of all the riders in the end giveaway and awards party, a celebration of new friendship and mysterious visitors. Zumiez gave away two gigantic gift bags and gift cards poured out of the sky onto the crowd gathered there. Winners walked away liked space invaders dressed in White and Gold Custom Dakine TransAm backpacks and Custom TransAm Oakley goggles. High Cascade Snowboard Camp gave away so much fun stuff that riders could be seen floating out of the room with joy. Top finishers received TransWorld TransAm Trophies, Dakine backpacks and board bags, and Shiny New Ride Snowboards.
The only thing that can be explained is that the resort that they call Northstar has got a powerful force unlike any other and will be a park powerhouse for light years to come thanks to those flying far above it.

1st Nick Geisen
2nd Even Brekke
3rd Chris Geisen

1st Becky Bruce
2nd Tanya Oleskowicz
3rd Jade McJannett

Best Trick
Chris Orlady

Best Pint Size Ripper
Toby Miller

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