TransAM: Mt. Creek

Some punk kid with a t-shirt down to his knees jumps onto the roof of a 1983 Pontiac TransAM and a Jersey Guido yells “Yo kid! Watch da paint, will ya?… In real life that — kid’s getting his ass kicked. At the Mountain Creek TransAM — that kids kick’n some ass.

Such was the scene this Sunday at Creek during the fifth stop of the 2007 TransAM series. Mountain Creek pulled out all the stops and bought an actual TransAM on, gutted it, propped it up in the park and had a actor on hand putting out that 1983 Jersey Vibe, as kids shredded it to pieces.

With 160+ competitors on hand the action was fierce in the The Mini Park"¢; which contained a replica stair set and handrail setup that had seen action earlier this winter at the Union Square Rail Jam in NYC. In addition to the stair set and TransAM car jib, was a barrel-bonk, a flat box, a down box, a jump and a Jersey Cliff. (Side note: Mtn. Creek still has an amazing park, The Jib Lab, thanks to some late season snow and a hard working park crew, go check it out).

The Jersey Cliff, which was basically a moving bomb-drop off the side of a 10-foot snow ledge into a transition hosted an array of spinning drops. Then a couple crafty riders started riding it in reverse, launching off the landing and using the ledge as a giant snow wall ride (with as flat as a landing that physics allows for.) Standout tricks seemed to be gapping over the whole car jib as guys like Dave Schneider frontside 540’d it and Kyle Ryan 360’d it. Shane “Doublewide Mewitt, on the other hand, cleared the whole damn thing (landing and all) straight to his chest. Wow. Bad idea. Kabe Madsen and Chelsea McCabe slayed the stair set and Tim Sullivan got all crazy on the car.

The top riders made out like bandits. Taking home matching Dakine luggage, Custom painted gold, silver and bronze Oakely goggles, Allyance outerwear, hundreds of dollars in Zumiez gift cards, Ride snowboards, and a brand new Freebord. In addition these riders earned spots at the TransAM Finals April 4th at Northstar, and a shot at making it to the TWS Team Challenge.


1st Kyle Ryan
2nd Kade Madsen
3rd Dave Schnider

1st Chelsea McCabe
2nd Kasandra Dolen
3rd Olivia Drescher

B.O.N.E.R. Award (Best Overall Nutty Extreme Rider)
Shane “Double Wide Mewitt