TransAM Finals: Northstar-at-Tahoe

At 12:04 PM First said: FIRST!!!!

At 12:19 PM yeah said: Yeah TransAM was crazy! Total chaos!

At 1:11 PM Waldo said: Did you see that setup? So many features in such a little area and like 60 kids hitting it at once. I thought someone was gonna die.

At 4:08 PM Anonymous: Did you see that kid back rodeo off the pirate barrel? That was so sicckkkkkk.

At 6:12 PM tahoe bitches said: yo that midget mafia kid Zak Hale was f--king killing it. That’s sick he got third.

At 6:10 PM asldfjlkjdf said: Yeah and those two kids from the east coast that got first and second were off the hook. I think their names were like Brandan Reis and Sam Halbert or something. Those kids are coming up for sure.

At 6:18 PM WHAT said: Did you hear that the top three guys and the top girl got to go to the Transworld Team Challenge?

At 6:35 PM go listen to death cab said: yeah I saw those kids at heavenly today. They were wearing mad elvis gear.

At 8:29 PM girl said: I could sit here and talk about how girls are progressing and doing sooo good and blah blah blah but instead I’m just going to say that Iris Lazzareschi was doing some seriously stylish front boards.

At 9:28 PM I love girls said: I love girls! Deleah Elling was slaying it!

At 9:46 PM front flip kid said: you know who was slaying it is that front flip kid. He was doing so many front flips off of that box.

At 11:28 PM I love front flips said: I love front flips!

At 12:16 AM aaaaaa said: ya people were doing so many flips. I thought that kid who was trying to back flip onto the down box was going to break his neck. But he didn’t.

At 1:55 AM I hate my life said: fourteenth!

At 4:22 AM some dude said: why hasn’t anyone mentioned pants? You know who wears tight pants? Mikey McMillan wears tight pants.

At 9:26 AM your mom said: I heard Mikey got best trick on the Zumiez rail for a BS 180-on to switch BS 3 off. That shit is crazy.

At 2:59 PM nick said: I’m from Iowa and I don’t really have anywhere to board because there’s not much snow and my parents don’t like to drive me so sometimes I can go on school field trips but I don’t have any gear either so even when I go I have to rent but next year I want to go to the TransAM so bad, so I was just wondering if maybe anyone’s heard of one in Iowa?

At 3:34 PM I love everything! said: I love HCSC and Transworld and the TransAM!


1. Brandon Reis
2. Sam Halbert
3. Zach Hale

1. Iris Lazzareschi
2. Deleah Elling
3. Laura Rogowski

Best Trick
Mikey McMillan