TransAM / Big Boulder Pennsylvania

Stop #2 of the TransAM, Big Boulder, Pennsylvania. Photo: James Honsa

Words by Adam Kisiel

I called it home for 21 years.  The Roots live in the heart of it.  Notorious B.I.G. talked about the state penn and getting girls at Penn State.  It's the home of the cheese steak, Rocky, and is one of the only states you can call out with the simple two letters, PA.  It is the spot most notably where Ian Oliver and the Big Boulder Park Crew are resurrecting monsters in Frankenstein type fashion.  If Big Boulder Park had two big electrodes on both sides, Ian and the crew hooked up the cables and pumped the electricity straight to the heart of the beast bringing to life the craziest Transworld Snowboarding TransAm to date.

Much like the seven other monstrous parks caged up at Big Boulder, this savage TransAm park grew over night and by daybreak it was out of control. One hundred and ten warriors stepped up to slay this demon, which was created to scare even the most courageous rider.  The fiend of a park wasn't just the child of Big Boulder Park; Ride Snowboards played a role in helping bring up this creation with the Ride Slime Wall feature.  The Slime Wall was oozing green slime and could be rode from the side or hit like a hip from end to end.  The middle of the wall was made of ice and had the Ride Snowboards and Big Boulder Park logo carved in it.  That alone made this park ferocious, but Oakley added a pit of bloodthirsty sharks under a flat bar that had riders screaming as they jibbed over the gap for their lives.  If the riders could stomach the bloody appendages floating in the Oakley shark pit they had to be battle ready to ride the pole jam to Marshmallow bonk feature by High Cascade.  The Marshmallow grinning at the carnage ensuing around it saw spinning, flipping, and bonking overhead.

The onslaught started with all one hundred and ten riders battling the beast at the same time in the traffic jam.  During the hour and half clash only the top forty combatants moved on to the Ultimate Final.  The Ultimate Final had the forty riders attacking each section of the monster in ten-minute intervals.  Christina Myal and Dom Luza let the charge through the top half of the hellion of a park out over the Dakine Down box, the Zumiez Couch flat down kinked rail, and Big Boulder Park Ledge.  One wrong move on any of those features and the riders were dropping away to the darkness below that could be seen by the Dakine paper shreds and the Zumiez Couch. All had front row seats to the mayhem above.  Lawrence Prince punished the Ride Slime wall with a front side 540 landing well past the end of the wall and earning him Best Trick honors.  Kevin Breen and Billy Keil slayed every part of the beast along with the likes of Jen Oleskowicz and Jess Kirman elevating them to top honors.

Winners were treated like royalty with Custom TransAm Dakine backpacks filled with awesome prizes from Transworld Snowboarding, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Dakine, Oakley, and Zumiez.  To prepare them for their next shred battle Oakley gave them custom TransAm goggles.  Ride Snowboards gave the first place winners new Ride Snowboards shining in the light like an Excalibur sword and Dakine awarded board bags for the warrior on the move.  The gold came in the shape of the coveted Transworld Snowboarding TransAm trophy, the final award of first place knighthood.  A huge giveaway, with tons of awesome prizes, helped heal the wounds of the other fallen riders.  Ian Oliver and the Big Boulder Park Crew are making park monsters that would make most children pee the bed.  Come to Big Boulder Park located in PA just a short drive from Philly and NYC and stake your claim as a true park slayer. 

Congratulations to the TransAM winners:


1st Christina Myal, 2nd Jen Oleskowicz, 3rd Jess Kirman


1st Dom Luza, 2nd Kevin Breen,  3rd Billy Keil 

Best Trick winner, Lawrence Prince, for a FS 540 to flat

Photo: James Honsa