Tucked away in a state most notably known by the name PA, is a small resort with a big heart. Big Boulder is turning heads by building progressive parks in a state where park features are about as common as the Amish driving a Camaro sporting a mullet. Park Manager Ian Oliver and the park crew at Big Boulder Park are not only disputing the reputation that small resorts can’t build parks, but they are pushing the limits of shaping fun, creative, flawless park lines. That is why there couldn’t have been a better resort to stage the second stop of the greatest mini park contest ever, the Transworld TransAm.

Just imagine jibbing your parent’s coffee table or bonking the grill that sits in your backyard covered in snow all winter. The BBP crew set up features just like that to open the door for such notable riders as Timmy Kempson and Sarah Pealmounter to showcase their talents without the worries of being grounded or having their driving privileges taken away. The Traffic Jam was bumper to bumper with 149 riders ripping the pristine mini park features set up on corduroy that would make a 70’s pimp say “Dynamite. The middle line was oozing awesome with rider’s spinning, flipping, and hand planting their way through the Big Boulder Bomb Jib into the Oakley Artic Challenge replica mini quarter pipe. Ian Oliver even stole his parents grill and set it up next to a super smooth Dakine picnic table jib that saw more MJ action than the Neverland Ranch. The Zumiez Couch was featured in a ridable living room set up that had riders clearing a coffee table that would make anyone’s mom cringe. The Marshmallow from High Cascade made an appearance atop of the Volcano jump to watch riders flying overhead with huge inverts, happy bonk greetings, and multiple suitcase grabs.

The Ultimate Jam Finals left the crowd from Ohio, New Jersey, and of course PA in awe as the final 40 riders threw down for a show that could only be rivaled by the Barnum and Bailey Circus. As Preston Strout tried to figure out the mathematics to equate the highest air out of the Oakley Artic Challenge quarter pipe to what would be the same mark on the Oakley TransAm mini quarter pipe the judges waited in anticipation of who would set the mark. In the end it would be Scott Hopper who aired eight feet out and landed in the lap of Matt Bates, the TransAm judge posted up on the deck.

The awards ceremony and pizza party was the perfect conclusion of a fairy tale like day. High Cascade babies and ice sculpted trophies were given out to the top three competitors. Ride Snowboards and Custom TransAm Dakine backpacks filled with goods from Oakley, Transworld, and Zumiez were the icing on the cake for the winners. Everyone lived happily ever after as they walked away from the product toss of product tosses on the Big Boulder lodge deck. Special thanks to all the sponsors and especially to Ian Oliver and the park crew for making everyone’s dreams come true. Take note Big Boulder Park is knocking on the door of park greatness. You better answer because if you don’t they are breaking it down.

TransAm Big Boulder Final Results:

1. Timmy Kempson
2. Mark Innazzo
3. Anthony Cardoni

1. Sarah Pealmounter
2. Christine Shurilla
3. Brie Pepe