Tramping Around Chile

Lucas Debari, Matt Edgers, Blair Habenicht and Forrest Burki are on the road in Chile. Here’s their latest correspondence and some photos that’ll make you wish for winter.

With no interest in spending our summer in the slush cup called Mt Hood. Matt Edgers, Blair Habenicht, and myself saved our limited funds and bought plane tickets to chile.  We are spending the month of august following the storms throughout The Andes. This is Matt’s first ever international travel experience, Blair’s first time snowboarding under the equator, and my third trip to South America.

Having spent the majority of our winters following the snow in the Northern Hemisphere, busy with film crews and commitments to sponsors, only riding a fraction of the time without a filmer or photographer behind us, we headed down with hopes of doing what we love most, shredding pow. Second day into the trip we were shredding a foot or so of light pow on some of the Andes best lift accessible backcountry runs. 2000 ft. vert. runs down to road, the zone know  as Santa Tera,  some of the heavier lines around. With Blair and Matt, two badass free riders, we took no time in maxing out the potential of the zone over the next few days.

With the epic snow slowing transforming into hot pow we headed south to Termas de Chillan, where they were expecting a generous amount of new snowfall.   We met up with fellow baker shredder Forrest Burke, and continued our assualt of the steepest lines possible. Right now the four of us are holed up in a log home semi-cricle around a wood stove. With winds to high to open the mountain we are waiting out the supposed meter and a half dump that should break in the next few days. Once this happens its back to doing what we came down here for: Pow turns. —Lucas Debari