Every year at Mountain Creek, New Jersey shops from around the area compete for a chance to hold and drink from a cup that symbolizes victory. A cup that represents pride, talent, and endurance, a cup, which many strive to covet year after year.

This cup is the trophy for the Tour de Creek. Each year a solitary team takes this cup from northern New Jersey to their abode only to return the next year to defend their honor yet again. The Tour de Creek is a lot like the Tour de France except for it is in Jersey and people ride snowboards … and there isn’t any spandex. Actually to tell you truth these two have nothing in common except for “Tour de. This year there was also a sponsored riders division where the kids battled it out for 500.00 cash where the winning shop team was awarded not only prestige but also a trip for four to Whistler Mountain in BC. I myself decided to ride around with the guys from Eastern Board and Skate; they were the underdogs for sure. However when JP Flynn, “Juice for short woke me up that morning and told me he smelt victory in the air I had to follow his team around. I really just wanted to find out if what I smelled in the air wasn’t just hot garbage, but anyway. The course was spread out over the entire 4 park trails they have over at Vernon Peak. The park was set into 3 zones that would be sessioned for 2 hours at a time the last event would be a karaoke contest later that night to decided what was left undecided.

The first section was the C-box and Wallride. Kids in Jersey are getting good, I saw all sorts of tail slides, lip slide and frontsides. On the wall ride Kyle Earl riding in the sponsored division was by far impressing the judges with an Anderect on the beast. The second zone was this crazy rail that segmented four times and placed one after the other and dropping down in increments then welded and a jump-a-roo. It was on that rail that one kid had the right idea, screw hitting it and in true jersey fashion he jumped the whole damn thing, it was a crowd favorite and won best picture later in the night. On the jump you name it you got it, seven’s switch and regular, death defying back flips, and reckless front flips. Yes, we were in Jersey and I was having a blast.

The third zone was a hip and a flat down box. I think at this time the reigning champions from Eastern Boarder were a shoe win for the cup again but with two events left it was still fair game. Juice on the way to the hill gave me his procedure for hitting hips. He told me first to strap in way above everyone else. Then call down to them “Hey why ya starting from the ladies tee! With that said you then point it. Well I was impressed dudes were definitely pointing it. All I wanted to do was point it directly to the bar; it was friggin freezing out at that time.

In the bar the beers began to be passed around and the Karaoke began. It was a mess the shop teams were doing choreography before they went on. This was serious; these guys wanted that cup bad. Well in a double overtime sudden death karaoke battle Eastern Board and Skate barely edged out the Eastern Boarder guys. They were awarded the cup and a ticket to Whistler now they can get all the STD’s they want up there. Kyle Earl took first for the sponsored riders and was preceded by Josh Finkelstein and Justin Stem. This was a hell of a good time. Congrats!


1. Eastern Board and Skate 197.00
2. Easter Boarder 182.00
3. Camelback 179.7
4. Out Of Bounds 117.8
5. Zumiez 102.45

Sponsored riders
1. Kyle Earl 53.3
2. Josh Finkelstein 51.95
3. Justin Stem 51.45
4. Justin Mullen 49.05
5. Shane Hewitt 48.90