Torstein Horgmo slammed it shut with his last part hammers in Standard’s Aesthetica. The new killers, like Torstein, know that contest results and video parts strike the perfect balance for a steady pro career. He is off to a damn good start. This Norwegian kid is just getting his winter under way, so we got him to talk before he hits the road for a long winter of flinging himself.

How much time will you spend at home in Norway this winter and how much time traveling? Where are you heading?

Well I'm home now, and leaving in a couple weeks. Then I'll be back for Christmas & New Years and that's about it! I'll be gone all season pretty much. I think I'll be mostly in the states all winter. I've got a Visa now, so I can come in and out of In-n-Out as much as I want. I'd give up a lot to have that Double-Double in Norway!

When you are in the states, where is your home away from home? Keep your sled, lay your head?

My truck mostly, ha ha! I don't stay in one spot for too long, so I mostly just crash at friend's places. I walked away from last season without buying a sled, I just borrowed—but I'm getting one this year. I honestly don't have a clue where to keep it while I'm gone. Probably get some type of storage solution somewhere.

Talk about the DC ams.

Buzzard (Chas Guldemond) is killing it in his own way, Lonnie's shredding so strong and landing like a feather every time, and Ryan Tiene's sending it in the backcountry. They're a good crew and super fun to hang out with.

What movies did you like from the past year

I filmed for Standard's Aesthetica and Park City's I ride Park City, so I'm into those first off … I just saw These Days and those guys really killed it. Double Decade was a big must see for me, and I'm Down with People! He he. Otherwise, Batman was crazy!

Daniel Franck, Terje,  Andreas Wiig. Comment on the Norwegian tradition

Those guys have all set the standard year after year, and done so much for snowboarding and what it is today. Very Inspirational to me, the North way.

Who do you see coming up, new Norwegian blood?

There're a lot of them, but I think we'll hear a lot about names like Ståle Sandbech and Gjermund Braaten, very soon.     

What are you looking forward to the most for this season?

Riding with my friends. I also can't wait to learn new stuff and see new places.