Top Five: Ryan Thompson


1. MFM
2. Gigi Ruf
3. TR
4. Pat Moore
5. Nima Jalali


1. Water
2. Vitamin Water
3. Smart Water
4. Gin
5. Coffee

Things to do on your snowboard:

1. Not fall
2. Not look like a kook
3. Spray your friends
4. Slide
5. Catch air

Places to road trip to:

1. Almost anywhere in CA (almost)
2. Las Vegas
3. Rocky Mountains
4. Canada is sweet
5. Definitely not Wall Drug in South Dakota. It’s the shittiest place on earth. Worst ever. I spent a night there with Coyle.

Things to do when not snowboarding:

1. Mountain biking
2. Watching roommates play Guitar Hero
3. Spray tanning
4. Boggle
5. Wash my hands free of germs

Places to get germs all over your hands:

1. Airports are the worst
2. Rail trip hotel rooms
3. Sitting next to Filippo (Kratter) when he’s sick
4. Bro-ing down at trade shows
5. Doorknobs

Industry jobs for washed up snowboarders:

1. A budget depleting Team Manager
2. Picky Photographer
3. Perma-Bro
4. The “make you or break you” magazine staffer
5. Marketing anything

Styles for next year:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Anything over the top to attract attention … what happened to wearing jackets and pants, or warm things in the winter?, i guess having an image is surpassing how you ride your board. Whoever looks cool must be cool, i guess.

Hair metal bands:

1. Poison
2. Motley Crue
3. Skid Row
4. Bullet Boys
5. Twisted Sister

Athletes outside of snowboarding:

1. Arto Saari
2. That gamblin’ bastard, Pete Rose
3. Serena and what’s her face Williams
4. Chas Michael Michaels

Reality TV shows:

Wow, here it goes … please forgive me reality show gods.

1. Flavor Of Love
2. I Love New York
3. Making The Band 1,2 and 3
4. Laguna Beach
5. The Hills

Episodes of Saved by the Bell:

1. When Jesse Spanno scores crappy SAT’s and gets addicted to speed pills
2. When AC Slater crashes Lisa Turtle’s mom’s car
3. When they drill for oil on the School campus
4. When AC Slater’s dad comes to talk to Mr. Belding and Zack gets busted for impersonating the principal
5. The Miss Bayside competition

Songs in your iTunes right now:

1. T.I., “What You Know
2. Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne, “Make It Rain
3. Hard FI, “Hard To Beat
4. Mickey Avalon, “Mr. Right
5. Neil Young, “Heart Of Gold

Britney Spears moments:

1. The sweaty dance video
2. Her crap-ass TV show, Chaotic
3. Her sweet new hair-do
4. Letting her kid sit in her lap while driving
5. Rehab

Things to do when the weather sucks in Alaska:

1. Watch Blades Of Glory
2. Watch The Lookout
3. Sleep through Meet the Robinson’s
4. Get sick
5. The Great Alaskan Bush Co.

Worst purchases:

1. Snowmobile
2. Knee surgery
3. iPpod video
4. Botox
5. Hair extentions

Things new shred kids should look out for:

1. The TransWorld Team Challenge is basically an event to dig up dirt about you
2. Your pay qualifies you for government assistance
3. If you made any money it is all gunna go towards taxes
4. Some companies string along till you hit the breaking point
5. Wear sunscreen