Top Five: Robbie Walker

Aussie snowboarders:

1. Nick Gregory
2. Mickey Williams
3. Max Cooks
4. Clint Allan
5. Ryan Tine

Americans to snowboard with:

1. NCP Crew, been riding with them a lot the past two months
2. K2 Team, the Team Challenge was such a fun time
3. Grenade crew, so fun riding with those guys in Mammoth
4. Lance Hakker—king of back flips
5. All the fun kids I have ridden with the last few years

Non-snowboarding dream destinations:

1. El Salvador
2. Byron Bay, Australia
3. Brazil
4. Home, Melbourne Australia
5. Venice, Italy


1. Justin Timberlake
2. Kayne West
3. Jay Z
4. AC DC
5. Me singing to my self on a long car trip

Things to do in El Salvador:

1. If my girlfriend lets me go …
2. Call her and tell her I’m sorry I’m not home
3. Call her back to try and make up for the fight we just had
4. Visit the souvenier store to find gifts for my understanding girl
5. Try tanning my white winter body

Aussie stereotypes:

1. Croc’ Wrestlers
2. Bogans—beer drinking country boys, kind of our version of a red neck
3. Surfer bro
4. Defiantly not snow boarder
5. Crocodile Dundee

Best things about snowboarding in the US:

1. Best Mountains
2. Best parks
3. It’s were the snowboard scene is biggest
4. Great pow
5. When your not snowboarding you can go and shoot guns

Worst things about snowboarding in the US:

1. Being away from home:
2. The risk of being bombed
3. Miss my girlfriend
4. Long and expensive plane trips
5. I miss the Australian summer


1. James Deans
2. Travolta in Saturday Night Fever
3. Pachino in Godfather
4. Classic 911
5. Johnny Depp

Snowboarders of all-time:

1. Adi Velik
2. Nick Gregory
3. Mickey Williams
4. Max Cooks
5. Chris Bodal

Wild Animals:

1. Sam Hiltner
2. Koala
3. Kangaroo
4. Bear
5. Panda bear

Domestic animals:

1. Puppy dogs
2. Big dogs
3. Monkeys
4. Turtles
5. Fish

Reasons why coffee is better in Australia:

1. Because pot coffee doesn’t exist
2. Our cup of coffee is not the size of a milk shake
3. We have milk with our coffee, not coffee with our milk
4. Lots of Euros that can make coffee
5. Nobody goes to Starbucks