Skate Spots:

1. Any good street spot.
2. Brother’s Skatepark, Mammoth Lakes, California.
3. Gardnerville, Nevada.
4. Anywhere with Li’l B.
5. Whistler and Squamish Park, B.C., Canada

Shred Spots:

1. Anywhere with my friends.
2. Mammoth.
3. Helsinki.
4. Tahoe.
5. Keystone.


1. Pizza.
2. Pretzels.
3. Sushi.
4. Thai.
5. Indian.

Video Parts:

1. Jerry Hsu, Bag Of Suck.
2. Andrew Reynolds, Then End and Baker 3.
3. PJ Ladd, Horrible Wonderful Life.
4. Peter Line, anything.
5. Jeremy Jones, anything.


1. Crail.
2. Switch Indy.
3. Method.
4. Crooked Cop.
5. Slob.

Ways To Kill Time At The Airport:

1. Red Carpet Club.
2. Read.
3. Internet.
4. Eat pizza.
5. iPod.

Tricks You’ve Seen This Season:

1. Wall to wall, wallrides.
2. Hardway everything.
3. Lauri’s new jump trick he hasn’t named it.
4. Travis Rice’s backflip naked for the Channel 2 news at the Mtn. Lab.
5. Presses through some legit kinks.

People To Go On Trips With:

1. Lauri Heiskari, for sure.
2. Cole Barash.
3. The whole Forum crew.
4. Pierre Wikberg and the whole DC crew.
5. The Grenerds! That should actually be around number two.

Moments On The Forum Bus Tour:

1. Cole shitting in a bag inside the bus within the first ten minutes of the tour.
2. Stevie Bell and some girl in a bunk bed all tangled up. I’ll let your imagination do the rest.
3. Buying 50 packs of cigarettes and having them be gone within about three stops.
4. (Travis) Kennedy being Kennedy.
5. Skating Winnipeg Park street plazaà'³so sick.

Rumors You’ve Heard About Yourself:

1. Some crazy rail combo, some gap, then a 180, and then a press. I don’t know, just ridiculous.
2. Dating some girls.
3. Breaking up with some girls.
4. Quitting certain sponsors.
5. Smoking weed.


1. Bob Dylan.
2. Belle and Sebastian.
3. Elliott Smith.
4. Bright Eyes.
5. Morrissey.

Things To Waste Money On:

1. Bar tabs, holy shit. So much pissed away, literally.
2. Jeans.
3. Eating out three meals a day for the past six years.
4. Myriam.
5. Plane tickets.

Numbers Dialed On Your Phone:

1. Steve Astephen.
2. Kevin Keller and Brian Knox.
3. Myriam.
4. Steve Ruff.
5. DC.

People To Get Loose With:

1. Lauri Heiskari.
2. Iikka Backstrom.
3. Grenerds!
4. Forum crew.
5. DC Crew.
6. Pierre Wikberg.

Places To Live:

1. San Clemente, California.
2. Whistler B.C., Canada.
3. Mammoth Lakes, California.
4. Hawai’i.
5. Anywhere good for skating.

Things To Do In Mammoth:

1. Snowboard.
2. Skate.
3. Rent movies.
4. Go to Danbo’s house.
5. Go to Loony Bean.

Sketchy Situations:

1. Any trip to Mexico.
2. Any time you party with Grenade.
3. Sketchy-D.
4. Blacked out drunk in other countries.
5. Forum tour.

Reasons To Be A Pro Snowboarder:

1. Traveling.
2. Parties.
3. Girls.
4. Friends.
5. Fun.

Reasons To Not Be A Pro Snowboarder:

1. Injuries.
2. Short lived.
3. Knee surgeries.
4. Travel ten months a year.
5. Not too much time for yourself.

Reasons To Not Be A Night Janitor In South Lake Tahoe:

1. Shit.
2. Shit.
3. Shit.
4. Puke.
5. Shit. Nighttime janitor was the best time ever! For real!