Read the story on the back of a Clif Bar one of these days. The founder calls the moment he decided to take up the recipe book, “The Epiphany.” Exhausted and hungry during a 100-mile bike ride, he literally could not force himself to eat another bite of the disgusting health bars of the day. A thought popped into his head, and the dude pedaled straight home to begin. From that day on, he legitimately cooked energy bars in his mom’s kitchen, slummin’ it out of his parent’s garage for years in true dirtbag style. Luckily for us, Clif Bar was eventually born. Even luckier? Someone’s going to win an entire season of Clif Bars, today! 12 boxes of assorted flavors, at 10 bars per box, equals a whopping 120 energy snacks to fuel your entire shred season. Stay hungry, my friends.

Total Value: $150


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